Friday, December 11, 2009

What Does One Wear to the Hockey Game?

Happy weekend my friends! Sorry for disappearing on you for over a week; I've been extremely busy so haven't had time to catch up.

I went to the Canucks game last night and enjoyed the view from row EIGHT - that's super close to the ice for those of you who have not been to a hockey game. Close enough to see my crush smile or grimace although certainly not as close as the time that I met him *major heart palpitations* in a pizzeria.

That got me thinking about ideal outfits to wear to a hockey game...

Now wearing your team's hockey jersey or tee in a mini size is perfectly acceptable as long as it's paired with nice fitting jeans (nothing too slouchy and none of those awful pink Canucks jerseys - yuck). However, if you feel like something else, or you're like me and believe your jersey is jinxed, you might want to try some of these cozy sweater/leggings/boot combos.

Above: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Sweater and Vince Jean Leggings
Below: See by Chloe Big Heart Sweater and Ella Moss Zebra Leggings

I'm not a believer of wearing skirts or dresses to games - it's not too handy for walking up and down stairs. Plus the risk of beer spillage, ketchup squirts, and other messy rink foods (from yourself or others) makes it not worth it. Skinny jeans and leggings are the way to go.

Below: Nightcap Equestrian Leggings and Haute Hippie Blanket Poncho

As for my feet, I prefer a flat tall boot (motorcycle or equestrian). A small heel is a good option too, especially if you go with booties. I don't like wearing spiky stilettos or anything too femme fatale, and certainly not open-toed shoes!

Below: Elizabeth and James Snakeskin bootie and See by Chloe Sheep Hat

If the beer doesn't keep you cool enough, try stripping down to a beater tank and this gorgeous cashmere vest. Sexy but not too try-hard.

Below: Belle Siguarson Suede Over-the-Knee Boots and Nightcap Clothing Cashmere Vest

Me, I'm wearing a westcoast Aboriginal print inspired sweater from Aritzia, skinny jeans, white crochet hat, and my brown motorcycle boots from Vincent Park. My camera died on me before the game started so I apologize for not having more pictures.

This weekend I've got lots of catching up to do before I leave for Hawaii, including finishing my Christmas shopping. It's supposed to snow here this weekend so hope to have some pretty snow scenery to post here soon!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I actually like the pink jerseys, but what do I know....Great stuff!!!

rachael.krystina said...

Love the 2nd outfit with the Ella Moss leggings!

MizzJ said...

haha I agree with you on the pink jerseys. It just feels wrong on something as masculine as a jersey. Besides girls wearing regular ones are hot!

I love all your sweater selections!! I should just send this post as my xmas list haha. And am so jealous of you going to Hawaii!! Why is everyone jetting off somewhere except me?!

Livie said...

@anonymous - well to each their own. but I still think the pink jerseys are kind of the "uggs" of hockey jerseys.

@rachel.krystina - yes those are cute. my fave is the equestrian pair (surprise surprise)

@MizzJ - hehe J anything you wear is hot!

Teresa said...

Liv you are so diminutive that everything looks good on you. I was thinking a styled fitted canucks jersey that looks like a nice tunic might look pretty hot.

Kristin said...

Off the shoulder sweater!! So so hot!

Melissa said...

Those are great ideas for game outfits!

I am going to a game in march, that gives me some time to plan an outfit ;)

Anonymous said...

Heihei Liv! Thanks for your comment. I read your blog regularly and just love it... Btw. great stuff, the sweaters are just lovely...

Take care

The Owl's Closet said...

these are great picks for a game outfit:D plus they looks so cozy! thx for sharing:)

asiancajuns (Cath) said...

I love the topic of this post because it's exactly what I kept asking myself when my boyfriend asked me to my first hockey game. I didn't know if I should bundle up or dress for the warm weather outside. I ended up wearing layers, which worked out pretty well.

Savvy Gal said...

something big and warm.

VancityAllie said...


You HAVE to wear the jersey. It's not cursed!

However, on the bottom, yes... sexy leggings and heels/boots is definitely the way to go :)

I like my Canucks leg warmers (made from Canucks Christmas stockings) with leggings and heels best :)

quelle said...


maybe my jersey is cursed too... sigh. i did wear my burrows tee once and we won! so i should try that out again. hehe

Larissa said...

I sat first row once, you could practically see the sweat glisten off the players, it was aaamazing!