Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coconuts and Christmas

In just over two weeks, I'll be jetting off to the lovely island of Kauai for some Christmas cheer on the beach. Really, badly need this.

Hubby and I have rented two cottages - one in the north and one in the south side of the island to hedge our bets for best weather and surf.

Above: Living room and bedroom of cottage #1 - Hula-meets-Pottery Barn style

I can't wait to be out there paddling and riding on the waves again.
If you, my readers, have any special requests for what you would like me to cover on this tropical getaway, please comment below. Food reviews, shopping, or just nature photography, let me know!


Savvy Gal said...

It will be perfect for a wedding. : )

Teresa said...

amazing amazing amazing. I'm so jealous..take a lot of pictures! That place your staying at looks like something that would have been featured in Conde Nast. I hope you have a fantastic time...and a good tan :)

Niki B. said...

I'm actually so so so jealous. But I hope you have a fabulous time and most many pictures upon your return :)

And I checked out your Escada jacket too - AHmazing.

xo Niki

Deiala said...

Ooooh it looks like you chose paradise for Christmas!!! Enjoy the journey and bring back some pics and what you'd recommend to do...

VancityAllie said...

ARGH that looks AMAZING...

I can't believe I traded in my Hawaii vacation for a weekend snowboarding getaway but sadly with my new job the vacation days didn't line up :(



Toothfairy said...

Im jealous! it looks amazing over there... boohooo...

Have a great time!


Elizabeth Marie said...

How gorgeous!!! You're going to have the best time!

The Anthology said...

Have fuuuuuuuuuun!

Thanks again for inviting me to speak at your class -- I just posted my top four takeaways.


la flore et la faune . com said...

Well, it's very kind to think about us in such a place... So could we have some photos of a same place in various moments of the day ?

Natalie said...

so lucky! that sounds like so much fun!! :)))


lisa said...

It sounds like a lovely time! Have fun and bon voyage. :-)

Livie said...

@Savvy Gal - i always wanted a hawaii wedding!

@Teresa I'll try to take tons of photos though sometimes I get lazy on vacation to do it.

@NikiB - thx doll!

@Deiala - thx, I love Kauai - it is paradise!

@VancityAllie - boo so sad you won't be in Hanalei surfing with me. but I know you won't be sad for long as you'll be riding some fresh pow all winter

@Toothfairy thx darlin

@Elizabeth Marie - thx!!

@Theanthology - thx i sooo need it!

@Leflore -that's a great idea! like sunrise, sunset and moonrise?

@Natalie and @Lisa - thx so much!!

quelle said...

(sorry for checking in so late!)

jealous! please cover EVERYTHING!