Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hump Day Hunks: 2010 Olympic Games Edition

Happy Hump Day! Vancouver is filling up with athletes, spectators and media in time for the 2010 Olympic games. Along with that, of course, are hunks of all nationalities. Hunks of the tall and muscular variety. Accents a possibility. With less than 2 days to go, I present to you Hump Day Hunks: 2010 Olympic Games Edition.

Chatelaine Magazine is steaming things up with this photo shoot of Canadian Olympians posing with strategically placed equipment. I should not be so surprised there were quite a few freestyle skiers and french Canadian boys featured - remember mogul freestyler, Jean-Luc Brassard? See the rest of the photos here.

Above: Jean Phillippe Le Guellec, biathlon, Quebec City

Below: Vincent Marquis, freestyle skiing, Quebec City
Below: Steve Omischl, freestyle skiing, North Bay, Ontario
For a more wholesome image, I found Sean Crooks, cross-country skier. Yes, cross-country. Sounds kinda boring but nevertheless cute.
I am being a bit biased by showing way more Canadians than anyone else, but I haven't forgotten about our neighbour to the south. I already featured a couple of American hockey hotties on HDH before, and for someone new, here's the saucy Bode Miller of the USA Alpine Ski Team.
Mizz J at Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy made me laugh when she said, "There be tall, blonde, Swedes out there!". So she was my inspiration for this next hunk, Mattias Ohlund of the Swedish national hockey team. He also played in Vancouver for a little team called the Canucks for over 10 years.
For good measure, see also the list of the world's best/worst lovers here.

I'm quite flattered that my friend at VancityBuzz was inspired to start his own version of Hump Day Hotties featuring lovely ladies. He's also got a plethora of Vancouver Olympic related posts so check it out. I'll also be doing some posts over the next couple of weeks about the winter games for whatever free events I will check out, so stay tuned!


Teresa said...

oh gawd oh gawd oh my gawd
did I just type that out loud? ;-)

Haute World said...

Oooh, very drool worthy. That Steve guy has an awesome body! A shame they don't do sports half naked though ;-)

By the way... have fun in HK this Spring! At least you'll be getting the best of the weather. I actually found it to be quite cold last Dec!

P.S. Does your husband know you're still posting this feature? ;-)

onthefringe said...
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onthefringe said...

OooOo biathlon guy is... :) HAHAHAHAHA

i had to delete the other comment becuase of my bad typos!

VancityAllie said...

RAWR!!!! Sexy! Although I'd also have to add Sidney Crosby to this list for good measure :)

Melissa said...

Anything I say can be held against me... so when i say "Yum yum" I am, of course, thinking about... lunch.

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Hahaha! Perfect pics for Valentine's Day/Opening Ceremony weekend ;) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!

Anonymous said...

Wow... even more reasons to watch the Olympics - as if there hadn't been enough ;-) Now, my schedule's becoming really tight. What a pity that they are all covered up during their tournaments... ;-)

nicole said...

FOUND IT! and boy am I glad I ever did... I really need to keep up with reading blog, this post totally makes my day! HAHAHA that sounds awful doesn't it?


I was watching the Men's Aerials today and wow, I had no idea that Steve Omischl looked like that topless.. DAMN.

and I love that very promiscuous pose that Jean Phillippe is doing with those ski poles hahahaha ok mind out of the gutter Nicole, c'mon now.

With posts like these, I wish the Olympics would never end! lol