Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ready, Set, Gold! T-5 to Vancouver 2010 Wnter Games

The excitement is building here in Vancouver as we are five days away to the start of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. I've been seeing Olympic officials and athletes (that's you, Team Slovenia!) hanging around my work place hood the last few days now, and it seems everyone is sporting Olympic gear of some kind (especially those popular red Team Canada mittens).
And why not? Especially when boutiques like Aritzia are putting out super cute Olympic-licensed gear, like this faux-fur lined hoodie from the Park Life line. The first edition sold out quickly, and the new line has some awesome pieces for getting in the spirit without sacrificing style. Other highlights from the line include the retro Canada tees and tanks, and the First Nations inspired grey sweatshirt. I can't get enough of the vintage Olympic patches on my hoodie and it's sooo cuddly.
Above: Olympic faux-fur lined hoodie, Park Life by Aritzia. Fleecy Nightcap Equestrian leggings from Holt Renfrew. Denim logo hobo bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Green and pink trainers by Asics.

For for the lucky ladies taking part in the medal ceremonies, Aritzia has created some lovely outwear. The wrap sweater coat and old-school ski jacket are figure flattering. This should help keep our Vancity reputation for having some of the most gorgeous girls in the world.

I have to give props to Team USA's gear, designed by Ralph Lauren. Sure, some of it is outrageously expensive, but if you can steal from the boys (like I did here with my boys polo), you can find bargains.

Love these fun kicks that come in white, red and blue, and this Opening Ceremony Knitted hat.

Let the Games Begin!


It Girl (Anya) said...

Cute and sporty! I ended up getting the red TNA shirt with the Canadian flag.

Fun fun fun! Can't wait for Friday!

nicole said...

love that fur-lined hoodie on you! looks so cozy :) I was at The Bay on the weekend and their Olympics store was absolute madness! seems like everyone's looking to flaunt their Olympic spirit with all the Olympic-licensed gear! yet another good reason to go shopping! lol

p.s. hope you got my email that I sent earlier tonight!

lisa said...

Nice outfit! I love the coats you picked out from Aritzia--just lovely.

Teresa said...

The hoodie looks so comfortable.

the US team's outfit looks pretty good this year...especially the team snowboarding outfit! Glad that Canada ones are way better than the disastrous Beijing 08 summer wasn't that a huge mistake.

VancityAllie said...

I love your hoodie! And yes, some of the Olympic gear is so cute! I'm really envious of the Ralph Lauren USA team gear... I kinda wish Lululemon or a cool Canadian designer had won the bid instead of the Bay. Even Roots would have been better. *sigh*!


MizzJ said...

Hmm looks like Canada and the US will be duking it out for best dressed! Love your Aritzia hoodie!! If I were you, I'd be stroking that hood all day long. Which might be weird lol. I'm wearing my Canada hoodie tomorrow!! Can't wait to party with you too!

Haute World said...

Oooh, I love that Olympic hoodie you're sporting! Very cute and cool at the same time! The vibe over there must be awesome... I remember being in Germany when the World Cup was on, and it was such a fantastic atmosphere seeing the international teams in bars and the fans out on the street.

P.S. You are so right about Shanghai Tang. Just a little too costumey for my taste! Too much of what I see there is only appropriate for a Chinese wedding or a hostess of a Chinese restaurant ;-)

thehautepursuit said...

hey honey! yes I agree. There will always be haters, but I felt the need to address it. Everyone gets it and says nothing. I decided instead of just deleting it like I usually do, I would write something intelligent and speak out to whoever is writing these nasty comments that they are wasting their time.
Positive thinking!