Friday, May 21, 2010

I ran away and joined a harem

Remember when I asked just over a year ago, "To harem or not to harem"? Some of you, like my friend Taline, said yes.
I found these low slung harem hipsters in Hong Kong. As soon as I put them on, I never looked back. They are incredibly comfortable and amazingly, the accentuated hip was not as unflattering as I expected. I've been rolling them into cuffs and wearing them with all sorts of crazy platforms and high heels. Like these Betsey Johnson platforms from my uni days that I completely forgot about.
My sheer rose blouse is made in Japan, but like the engine-red tuxedo jacket, it was scooped up in Hong Kong. I think my bag looks something like from Grandma's attic (nevermind that my Gran never lived in a house with an attic); it was a basement bargain for $2 at the York House School Fair. Easily my cheapest hangbag of all time.

Happy May long weekend for all my Canadian readers! Anyone have any exciting plans? I'm looking forward to some good cold surf, fresh BBQ seafood, and key lime pie.

Black harem pants by Ambient
Sheer rose blouse by Atmosphere
Red tuxedo jacket, from boutique in Hong Kong
Red wooden platforms, Betsey Johnson
Three individual strands of pearls
Bronze cuff, Morocco
Silver cuff, custom
Grandma bag, thrifted York House find
Clubmaster sunnies by Rayban


Jess said...

Agreed - harems are so comfy and flattering. Love yours!

monica said...


Aney said...

Great outfit. Not a fan of harem pants, but these look great on you! I also love the bright blazer to add a touch of femininity!

MizzJ said...

You look utterly fabulous Liv! You make harem pants look good and I hate those diaper-esque things. All your HK finds are so cool, it makes me really really feel that I need to go over there with a few empty suitcases!

Haute World said...

I definitely think these harem pants work, but I'm not a fan of the extreme harem style (i.e. the one where the crotch drops to your knees.... definitely a wet nappy look going on there). Hope you're enjoying your long weekend! We had one as well :)

P.S. I'd definitely recommend Stockholm, although not necessarilly for the food, but for the scenery and local designers. Copenhagen as the better food in Scandinavia if you want the Northern foodie experience (try to get a table at Noma if you can).

Anne said...

wow, very cute and BOLD!

quelle said...

i love this outfit! those harem pants are so flattering! they look super comfy.

The Anthology said...

Ohhhhh I lurve it. You look fantastic, Livie! And of course the accentuated hip looks great on you. You're teeny weeny!


Raul (hummingbird604) said...

Love this outfit - you look SO HOT in it! :)

Teresa said...

I love the colours. It's so colourful and bright...oh so different than the usual drab colours of Vancouver. Looks like your HK shopping trip was a success...think you still have to model more shoes on here ;)

Larissa said...

Gotta love how platforms are back in, wish I didn't get rid of all mine!

Melissa said...

Normally i'm not a fan of harem pants but I love love love this outfit.
I guess I just hadn't seen them worn in a way I really liked but this outfit makes me want a pair! Super cute :)

nicole said...

I love those harem pants on you! I have yet to find a pair that fits me though without too much of a drop crotch haha. I love the floral blouse of yours too, it's so pretty and the blazer really brings out the flower print.