Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To harem or not to harem?

It's been a hot topic amongst some of you, and overwhelmingly, the question is "WHY?" Why on Earth are those dreaded MC Hammer pants back? Along with peaked shoulders and cropped tops (next trend subject to be discussed), will we regret this?

I haven't ventured into harem territory yet but I am very, very intrigued. Balmain's Fall 2009 collection showed me where the harem pant could go, but I was still cautious. My mom, who is more adventurous than I am, already picked up a casual navy pair, and they are both comfy and stylish.

The harem shape is quite versatile. Go casual by tucking the pant legs into flat boots, as demonstrated by Bottines Kookai (above pic).

Another one of the hottest looks I've seen is from Karla's Closet. Striped harem pants, tucked into a simple tank with wedged heel sneaks, create a more punk-inspired look.

Or go girly and play up the curves with soft, loose layers and pointed toes.

What do the fashionistas out there think of the harem pant? Are you wearing them, and if so, how?


quelle said...

i almost cried out in agony when i first saw them creeping into trend a few seasons ago, but, like other trends, have started to warm up to them.

i can't see myself pulling them off because of my stature. though i suspect if i were to ever go harem, i'd go babooshka: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5714874&section_id=5923322

LaMimi said...

It's funny but I just realized I have a pair of gold harem pants from Armani Exchange that I purchased in San Fran last year and never wore yet...hehe...Hmm...I think I might give it a try, because they are not too extreme..you know?

Kelsey said...

I vote yes to the harem pant.

Livie said...

@quelle - those babooshka pants are wicked - you could definitely pull those off.

@lamimi, @kelsey - totally, i say give it a try! I'm short so I am more inclined to the Babooshka style harem pants which are more slouchy rather than really "hippy".

Carlotta said...

I don't hate them but I'll never ever wear harem pants, they look ok on models but I don't find those pants very feminine!