Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hand Knitted Goodies by Granted

As much as I hate winter, I feel somewhat cheered up by the fact that i could cozy up in one of Granted Clothing's chunky, Cowichan inspired knitted sweaters. What makes these knits more special than your typical Aritzia TNA sort (yes I do own a brown and cream one that I live in during the fall and winter) is they are hand knitted and produced in Canada with merino wool and possum (before you get all grossed out about possum, I happen to own a pair of fantastic possum wool gloves made in New Zealand and they are superbly warm). Not to mention the killer motifs such as camels, flamingos, palm trees, and prancing deer. I covet! Too bad the CBC sweater is a limited edition; how utterly Canadian!

The leg warmers are darling too, although I would put them over my short, dark blue fringe bootie moccasins (handmade in Wisconsin) and not uggs.

They say the Prairie/North American Midwest type look is coming in for the spring (See TopShop's Memphis collection). Perhaps a piece like the vest is something I can invest in as a transition to spring?


quelle said...

the ivory toque with ear flaps is my favourite! the jackets, unfortunately, are a bit too pricey for me. :( one day!

Livie said...

I know they are very expensive. maybe i can get my grandma to knit me a knock off =D at least the leg warmers anyways.