Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Dreams of a Floating Hotel in Sweden

This beautiful floating hotel and restaurant, Salt & Sill, is located on  Klädesholmen, or Herring Islan, on the west side of Sweden.   Salt & Sill started as a restaurant, selling fresh seafood right from the local villager boats.  It is touted as one of Sweden's best seafood restaurants, and in October 2008, the owners opened up a very sleek and stylish hotel.

Typically anything "floating" seems to be downright cheesy and almost always a tourist trap. However, this looks absolutely beautiful.  I have no idea what there is to do on Klädesholmen other than to eat, steam and/or sauna, but just from these pictures it looks like a relaxing retreat.

For a detailed account, the Guardian has a wonderful article about the hotel.

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quelle said...

oh, very pretty! i'm intrigued...