Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taisa Anderson Designs - Local Handcrafted Jewelry

A friend from work, Taisa, is a very talented jewelry designer. She runs Taisa Anderson Designs, and prior to the holidays she brought in her latest wares which make perfect gifts for girlfriends. There's something very earthy and organic about her designs, and I love the global ethnic influences. I bought a few things from Taisa as gifts, and I was very tempted by the beautiful cloth bead necklaces. I liked it so much that I asked her to make me a custom one that fit more like a choker, and in the brown and white fabric as you see below. I picked it up last week and I've been wearing it nonstop - it's the kind of piece that really pops.

Taisa scoured the markets in Uganda and Burundi and brought back some brightly coloured fabric (think lime green, mandarin orange, sunny yellow paired with neutrals like cream and brown) to create necklaces and earrings. Not only is her jewelry handcrafted, but much of it also benefits the Bavubuka Foundation, a charity project that she has been quite involved in over the past year. Taisa spent several months in Africa in 2008 and she visited villagers, teaching young women beadwork and jewelry making so they can earn a living. She also spent time amongst inner city youth teaching boys how to hand spin beads and create beautiful, long necklaces (also available for sale). 80% of the proceeds go back to support this youth group.

As a fellow traveler who has fallen in love with Africa (and been there twice), I really admire Taisa's efforts. It is very inspiring to see how one person can make a difference. Her work is gorgeous, unique, and created with care, and to top it off, supports some great causes.


carmen said...

taisa is awesome!

Livie said...

Yes i totally agree!