Thursday, September 10, 2009

All You Need is Love

I totally admit it - I can be such a cheeseball sometimes. And that's why I love this wooden sign from Rockett St. George. Just seeing it just makes me happy - amazing what the written word can do for you, as the sassy Elizabeth Marie from It's Unbeweavable! commented to me today.

And postcards, a quaint, and somewhat dated concept, can also bring a smile to people (as well as myself - you already know I'm sappy). Deanne from Dream Sequins' organized a postcard project, and through that I connected with not just Elizabeth Marie but also Summer from B is for Brown. The idea is simple: you send one postcard to two people, and in return you will receive postcards from others. What a great way to bring people together! You can see the 50's inspired print I sent Summer here.

I haven't checked my mail yet this week, but I'm hoping I get my cards very soon.

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