Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing Paparazzi at BC Fashion Week

Hello readers, I am back! It's been a few days away from blogging as I took some time off to breathe in the mountain air at Whistler. I've got lots of catching up to do, so let's get started with last night, when I attended the BC Fashion Week opening show with Kelsey at The Anthology. The featured designer was Jacqueline Conoir, and the show was held at a sleek new club called Fortune Sound Club in dicey Chinatown (for my non-Vancouver friends, our Chinatown is rather drug-ridden and full of the homeless but is slowly changing into the latest It neighborhood). It had all the proper edge and chic one would expect at a fashion show.

The show was jam-packed, and I tried my best to play paparazzi. Being small is definitely a disadvantage when it comes to runway photography!
My favorite photo was unrelated to what was happening on the runway, but rather when supermodel and runway coach Stacey McKenzie posed for my camera in an impromptu moment (seen above). She's absolutely stunning in person and commands an amazing presence.

The show itself was alright, not really my style but I was happy to be there to soak in the atmosphere. Conoir's 2010 Spring collection featured mostly structured business wear, accented by some swingy tops and dresses. My favorite part of the collection was the long evening dresses, some in psychedelic prints and others in bridal creams and whites.
Up next, a recap of my Whistler trip and some outfit posts. Stay tuned!


nicole said...

great re-cap Liv! for a fellow petite, you got a better view than I did (and I was wearing 4.5" heels!). haha love the random pic of Stacey, that's awesome. too bad we didn't get to meet, but there's always next time! :)


Teresa said...

Pic of Stacey is 'fierce'! ;-)
Love the colourful dresses and the sleek business wear too.

The Anthology said...

Beautiful photos -- it was fun, wasn't it? Crazy and busy and hot, but fun.

* Kelsey

Raul (hummingbird604) said...

Great photos, Liv!

Livie said...

@nicole - wow 4.5 inch heels and still not a better view? it was a crazy place for sure

@teresa - yeah Stacey was definitely my highlight!

@kelsey - yes, and thanks so much for inviting me! you're the best

@raul - thanks! i didn't know if they'd turn out but i did alright

Natalie said...

thanks for the comment! yes, there is an il bisonte store here in beverly hills. i know, the leather is amazing! i have a few of their bags.

love this post, the photos are great! :)



sunny moon said...

love all the pictures :)
great show n so excited lol

The Anthology said...

I've passed along an award to you! http://www.the-anthology.com/2009/09/awards/

* Kelsey

VancityAllie said...

Man I LOVE that photo you took of Stacey... wow wow wow... she's just as fantastic in photos as she is on Canada's Next Top Model :)

JC's collection looks really great actually! Looks very wearable... I wonder where you can buy her stuff?