Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meat on a Stick

I promised you some food porn from the long weekend, so here it is. I took these snaps with my iPhone, not really expecting them to turn out, but some of them weren't too bad.

Zakkushi on Main Street is the third location of its kind in Vancouver. A robata restaurant (Japanese charcoal grill) well known for it's meat on a stick, it also dishes out a fair amount of yummy rolls and sushi. All this washes down very well with a cold Asahi. And located conveniently on Main and open late (til midnight), it was a perfect place for a Friday night.
We ordered a Kushi Set, which came with the above assortment of chicken, beef and pork kebabs as well as a skewer of very nicely grilled asparagus. In addition, we had a grilled corn on the cob (covered in butter and oh-so sweet), smoky shitake mushrooms, and a nori mayo tsukune (a chicken meatball around a stick - seen below). The nori mayo definitely took it to another level, and I can see how adding that stuff to a plain old weiner Japadog style can make even street-meat most addictive. What's nice about Zakkushi is the variety of kebabs they have, and of course, the lovely grilled flavour from the charcoal. All the meats were tender and juicy, and in perfect two bite sizes.
We had some rolls too, including a Triple Salmon roll and the below Unagi California roll.
We finished off with one of my favourite desserts, doryaki, which is two small pancakes stuffed with red bean paste. The pancake on its own was nothing special, but Zakkushi's version had matcha ice-cream inside, which made it to die for.
The sign outside Zakkushi is a glowing beacon in the dark for late-night hungry hipsters, and I'll be back for more delectable bites soon.


nicole said...

mmm love food porn, but it's always a tough call between my love for food and my love for shoes, sigh.

I was supposed to go to zakushi over the long weekend, still haven't been yet but will def have to make a trip after seeing this post!

that doryaki pancake dessert sounds so good, I love red bean desserts and matcha ice cream is just icing on the cake. *drools*


quelle said...

yummm i love zakkushi! food on a stick is always superior :D

VancityAllie said...

Mmm that looks amazing... I love food on a stick! ;) I really love the satays from Tropika... but this looks like a good place to get my Japanese food kick.

Thanks for the suggestions I am going to check it out!

BTW have you ever tried Kingyo on Denman? I tried it the other week and I think you would really love it!