Friday, November 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Happy (Black) Friday and weekend, mes amis! I've successfully made it through most of today without buying ANYTHING online even though I've been so tempted by all the black Friday deals. I just about hit Checkout on the pair of Lanvin sunglasses that I've been eyeing for months now but I remembered that I'm going to the FreshOut sale tomorrow and also, I need to keep some money around because I'm finally back in the saddle again.
I haven't ridden regularly since the pony I was leasing, Miss Fancy, was sold (see me and Miss Fancy at a horse show here, riding on the beach here, and some more jumping action here). I tried out several horses, and the pictures you see here is a horse that I did not end up taking. She was a real cutie pie with the prettiest eyes.

Above and Below: Me trying to ride properly after a 3 month absence. This pretty mare wasn't really listening to me! I could barely walk the next two days.
Up next I tried a dark Warmblood gelding named Ned. My hubby found a note on my desk which I had doodled hubby's name and also "Ned" with hearts all over. He said, "LIVIE! Who's Ned?". Hee hee.

Below: This paint horse has the cutest eyes!

Third time was the charm and I found my match. My new horse is called Sandra Dee (Sandy), and she's another chestnut mare. She's a Holsteiner/Thoroughbred cross, and I'm starting next weekend. I can't wait!

All this means I need some new (stylish) winter riding clothes. Like the cozy Gersemi puffy coat below.

Or this Goode Rider puffy parka.

I am kinda in love with this tacky and ever so slightly cheesy horse printed fleece by Outback Trading. I think it can look kinda cool in an ugly sweater sort of way.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Anyone score great deals today for Black Friday? Or are you all saving up for Christmas?


sD said...
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sD said...

Liv! You look great on your new horse!!! So happy for you back riding again, I know you've missed it. I have a fashion/riding related question that I've been thinking I need to email you, but why not post it on your blog? I fell in love with these frye riding boots. I love the height (17.5), the skinny calf size (14.5) and the back zip and of course the equestrian look. But they are a PAIN to ship into Canada. I've looked all over and no one seems to ship them to Canada and I've never used so as I was searching, searching, searching, I came across real dressage boots, narrow calf size is an option and the height is great (18.5): pair one,or even these ones (I can't actually tell the difference) for a fraction of the price, I could buy two pairs!!! I love these brown ones.

I thought of you immediately because you know horse boots and you also know fashion boots. What do you think? Has my desperation turned into poor judgement?

Hope you're having a good night?! Oh and we did have a great Black Friday - I FINALLY bought an iPhone. You are just so in love with yours I had to find out for myself what all the love is about and within a few short hours, I am swooning. Lemme know some of your favorite apps?!! and Thomas bought a new XBox. Thomas took the day off , so we had a good day - took Sasha for a walk, went for sushi etc, and now playing with our respective toys. :)

Teresa said...

oh what beautiful looking horse. You tow will look so stylish and picturesque riding during the winter months with the snow (I'm in a sentimental mood at the moment). Glad you finally found the right one. I've given up looking for puffy warm jackets...way too many wool ones in the closet to rotate through

Raul (hummingbird604) said...

Very glad that you are riding again! And the horse looks so pretty!

The Anthology said...

Hooray for riding! Sounds like so much fun. You and Melissa make me want to try it again.


lisa said...

Aww it must feel great to get back in the saddle! Riding seems like a fun activity but kind of scary too (for a non-rider like me anyway) have to really trust the horse you're on and vice versa.

Niki B. said...

aw the horse!!! amazing. I love the pics. And that last horse sweater is kind of awesome, you're right.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Let's just say I'm really glad the sales don't start here until AFTER Christmas. I don't really want to spend money on myself at the moment, otherwise I won't be able to splurge on gifts for others. Although I am still going to a few sample sales (purely for finding presents for others... that's what I keep telling myself ;-)

Gorgeous horses! I'm glad you found a perfect must post photos! Haha, that last cardigan is crazy, but I know what you mean... it could actually work with the right outfit!

nicole said...


SIGH. I do but I don't want to.

but yay you're back in the saddle! yikes, 3 months away and I had no idea how sore one could get, but I guess that makes sense. I love her braided tail, it's so pretty and she's very on trend for a horse! lol

love your hubby's reaction to the note with Ned and hearts HAHAHA

quelle said...

ooh a new horse! so pretty.

i am kind of liking that somewhat tacky/cheesy sweater as well. i can totally see you pulling it off!

and yes, i like your idea of getting the canucks to sponsor a vancouver fashionista/canuckulhead tweetup. we need to brainstorm on how to make this happen!

Kristin said...

What an incredibly gorgeous horse. Wow! And that first puffer is adorable!