Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boulangerie à Paris

This could be me.
Six months from now.
I'll be packing my bags and heading on a jet plane a couple of times over the next few months. First up, Hong Kong in April to see my family and newborn nephew. When the summer hits, I am going to Europe!! I've never been to Paris and it'll be a dream come true to finally go.

Pack in between a surf weekend to Tofino and I've got plenty to look forward to.

If you've got any Paris tips and suggestions, please share!

Boyfriend Jacket, Ruffle Blouse and Vest, all from Hong Kong
Slim Pants, rolled up, 212
Hubby's watch, Seiko with army nato band
Belt, mom's old stuff
Horse with Horseshoe Bag, Chloe
Navy Pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs


deiala said...

Wow. Looks great. I love the trousers!
You're so lucky to go to Paris. It's lovely there. I've been twice and I'd go again every time...
Make sure to also visit the outside, like Versailles castle one day...

Have a great weekend.

Jenn said...

This outfit is so polished!! I love it. I really like the pants. Very sophisticated :)

I desperately want and need a vacation. I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong (one word: shopping) and I've always wanted to go to Europe. If things go well, I very well may be on my way there!

nicole said...

damn Liv you are chic chic CHIC!! I absolutely love your outfit!!! you look great, I love the rolled up cuffs on those pants! the blouse, the vest, the blazer and all in that lovely neutral palette.. girl you are working it!!

Oh and I was "eavesdropping" on twitter and totally think you should be featured on VancityBuzz as a Hump Day Hottie!! ;)


It Girl (Anya) said...

Congrats on Paris! You are going to love it!

I love your bag (oh so much)!

Connie said...

I'm going to Hong Kong in a month - you've got to give me tips on where to shop! I've only got a day and a half there on a lay-over!

Chrissy said...

Love the outfit. Have fun in Paris!

rachaelkrystina said...

I really love those rolled up trousers, so chic! Just they way all the pieces go together is fantastic.

And I'm totally jealous about the vacation... I SO need one of those! haha

Mel- said...

Lucky girl :) I was there in October and fell completely in love with the city. Tweet me!

Savvy Gal said...

Sounds so fun. What stylish pictures.

lisa said...

Gorgeous outfit Liv!

I really loved the Rodin Museum in Paris. It's situated in a garden and an old estate home and so lovely to walk around in on a beautiful day. Versailles was another highlight for me. The little brasseries, bars, and lounges in the Bastille District are cool too. Ooh and you should walk down the Avenue Montaigne; so many haute couture names and major designers on this quiet tree-lined street just off the Champs Elysees, you'll think you've died and heaven is a Vogue editorial spread come to life.

Erin said...

LOVE this look! love it all! especially the bag!! haha. you'll LOVE paris. it's SO amazing. i want to go backkkk

VancityAllie said...

You are so chic! You'll fit right in.

Still though, I am SUPER jealous of you. Please go to Isabel Marant's shop for me. Please? :)

quelle said...

oh, i'm so jealous! i should make europe my must-do for next year!

love the outfit too!

can't wait to see what you find on your shopping trips! :P

jessica danielle. said...

Amazing outfit, I love the Chloe bag and the boyfriend blazer :)