Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HK Hit List

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day. I've been MIA lately and it's because I've been quite sick. This past weekend I did little other than sleep. I was very sick only a couple of weeks ago. I never quite got over it so here I go again. I'm starting to get better but I'm still a ways off from getting back to normal.

I really need to get well soon because in about 2 weeks time I'm flying to Hong Kong for a quick holiday. I need to muster up all my energy so I can be a super aunt to my niece and baby nephew, plus do a ton of shopping!

Like my trip last year, I'm putting together my HK Hit List over the next 2 weeks to show you what kind of things I'm on the hunt for.

So first up on the HK Hit list: Mega Platforms

Ever since clogs graced the Chanel runway, I knew they would be a hit. This Elizabeth and James mule-like pair isn't quite the classic clog, but it's close enough for me.

I'm crazy for geometric, Aztec inspired desert prints this summer and this pair of L.A.M.B BirdCage Sandals is right on trend.

Yes I know I'm predictable but can I help it that I love practically every shoe MKA makes? These punchy suede pumps by Elizabeth and James are classy and cheeky - perfect for spring.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE the second shoe, the Aztec inspired... Looks really nice!

Can't wait for the other items on your shopping list...

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ooh never knew those twins could design cute shoes! Have a rocking time in HK and bring empty suitcases (well except for a gift for the nephew of course).

Teresa said...

I envy and your ability to wear heels. I'm petrified to wear especially with my 2 left feet

Haute World said...

Hope you have a great time in HK! Sorry to hear you were ill. I got a mini cold two weeks ago and it's also my second one this year, which is unusual, because I rarely get sick. Just watch out in HK, because CNN keeps reporting how awful the pollution has been getting (no doubt you'll see plenty of folks in face masks over there ;-).

Love the shoe collection, especially the last two! Not a huge fan of clogs, but I like a good platform!

P.S. Don't worry too much about France in August. As long as the places you really want to see are open (for restaurants and any special tours, I'm guessing you'd pre-book in advance anyway), you should be fine!

Dream Sequins said...

Hey lovely- hope you enjoy your time in HK! those E and J clogs are pretty neat in person!

quelle said...

can't wait to see your haul!!

VancityAllie said...

If shoes were edible I would totally eat those hot blue pumps. OK that sounded weird.

Seriously though, you better come back from HK with some of those blue pumps! Amazing!

I'd love to visit HK one day... if I do.. you'll be the first I ask for hot spots! :)