Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Colour Block in Pastel

I love grey and pink, and I pulled this outfit together as inspired by the resort collections and their use of colour blocking. Only in soft pastels instead of brights.
This little black crop top, which I had completely forgotten about, acts as a nice division between the sorbet-like shades and cuts an interesting shape at the top.
I found so many treasures on my Salt Spring Island weekend, including the adorable little owl I found in a little hippie shop by the ferry - look at his amber eyes! I also picked up a few silver hammered stacked rings from the market.
Some of you asked for a better picture of my new rose-petal bead bracelet - so here it is! I'm pairing it with another of my Salt Spring Island treasure finds - a custom made hammered cuff.
Pink braided strap tank, Fine Finds
Black crop top and grey bandage high waisted skirt, Aritzia
White mules and stretchy white and gold bucklet belt, from Hong Kong
Black pearl and diamond heart necklace, prezzie from hubby


deiala said...

I LOVE the rings. There's a tiny jewellry shop in my city that has rings like these. I always stop and look at the rings, but I never venture to buy one. I'm wondering why...

nicole said...

the fact that you mentioned the word "sorbet" is now making me crave it. damnit liv! any way hahaha, lovely outfit, pretty colours and loving the new accessories! the amber owl eyes are so beautiful and i love that hammered bangle. your skirt reminds me that i still need to find a black bandage skirt, but i'm not supposed to be shopping. boooo :(

Laura said...

I like the rings.
The bracelet looks so much better in that pic :)

- Laura

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ooh love your accessories and I really want that skirt now!

Haute World said...

Love all your jewelry, especially the rose petal beads... what a fascinating idea behind it! Sorry for being MIA again... I'm just sweltering in this heat wave we're having at the moment...

Teresa said...

the jewelery you've been wearing is simply gorgeous and precious...makes me want to go to Salt Springs Island just to visit the market. Hubbie has good taste too ;)

I envy that you can nicely pull off the bandage skirt...definitely need the right bod for it

Melissa said...

I love all of your jewelry. I would wear all of it. I wish I could feel comfortable in big chunky jewelry (and I still try to pull it off!) but I always feel better in the precious, petite stuff.

Great look. You're adorable!


Niki B. said...

love! so cute. awesome rings too.
ps. i also love those SSI photos above - especially the sheep! so awesome!

xx Niki

lisa said...

The rose bead bracelet is lovely up close and in person. Great outfit, Liv! I love how you pulled together existing pieces in your wardrobe to create this colour-blocking look.

5am je t♥aime said...

very pretty color combination^__^ i like your style, natural and effortless chic! just stumbled upon your site. {hi from california}

ABIGAIL NY said...

love your outfit, it's very elegant with the neutral colors! loving your blog, now following!