Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fave Photos from Salt Spring Island

Happy Sunday! What are you all up to today? I attended a wedding by myself last night for the first time in a long time because hubby was not available. It was definitely a strange feeling being there without a date! Slightly awkward but fortunately for me, there were a few people I knew there from my high school days that made it a little bit easier.
I put together some of my fave photos from my recent weekend in Salt Spring. The above picture is probably one of my faves - it was taken on the resort property that we stayed at, Hastings House. You can read my review of Hastings House over at The Unreserved.

This picture was taken on a the Sculptural Trail hike near our cottage at Hastings House.
Some more shots below of the Hastings House property.
There's something about old wooden farm gates that I just love.
One of the friendly resident sheep at Hastings House getting up close and personal.
A pretty tree-framed window into the cove.
The small village of Ganges across the water.
I love wild daisies.


Anonymous said...

Ha I LOVE the sheep. It's just so funny looking, the way it glances through the fence!

Chris said...

I can't say there were any... uhh.. wooden sculuptures with such.. uhh.. detail at Arbutus Point B&B when I was on Saltspring.

MizzJ said...

hahah cute sheep!

ABIGAIL NY said...

great pictures, the daisy one is a personal favorite!