Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Treasure Trove at Salt Spring Island Market

I'm back!! Spent a wonderful long weekend at Salt Spring Island which is a couple of hours by ferry away from Vancouver. It was very relaxing and felt like a world away, yet we were always busy in the sense that there was always something to see or do. I'll do another post with some of my fave pics on the trip, which was full of hiking, checking out arts and craft studios, visiting organic farms, swimming, and of course culinary delights!
I'm going to focus this post on one of my favourite things to do on Salt Spring - the weekly Saturday market. The market brings together all of the artists, craftspeople, farmers and other entrepreneurs on Salt Spring to hawk their goods. Here you'll find delicious home made tarts, organic produce, local smoked salmon, jewelry, hand-thrown pottery, soap, and just about anything else that might be artsy, hippy, whimsical and even wacky. It's a chaotic few hours when the market is on, and it's the place to be on a sunny Saturday. Shoppers jockey for space amongst the booths, and visitors and locals alike are eager to fill their reusable shopping bags with organic goodies like heirloom tomatoes, cheese, and spring greens.

Delectable tarts...
Giant heads of purple garlic...
Colourful Provence-inspired fabric...
Pendants featuring wild daisies...
Natural, hand-made soaps...
I came away with some fantastic treasures: a custom hammered silver cuff by Salt Spring Silversmith, stackable silver rings by Mint Jewellery Design, olive-oil lavender soaps from Bare With Me, and something I had never heard of before: Rose Petal Bead jewelry.
Creator Marcus Knox takes rose petals and cooks them down into a moldable mash, from which he hand rolls each bead. The colour of the bead is black no matter what colour the rose was in its former incarnation. The beads retain a faint rose scent for the duration of their life.. The sweet fragrance is enhanced when warmed by the wearer's body.

The history of the beads is fascinating. The origins trace back to 15th century India where monks made them as prayer beads for counting during meditation. It was adopted by the Catholics and rose petal beads were commonly used in the Rosary.

I couldn't resist picking up a bracelet with an uneven pearl, and a rosary with a mother-of-pearl cross. Not only do I love the romantic symbolism of the rose, but I feel connected to the spiritual origins. Stylistically, I'm digging the dark, edgy feel of the black beads, yet the pearly accents sweeten it up. I put the bracelet on at the market and have worn it ever since.
I'm sorry I don't have better pictures of my sundress dress, which is new from Fine Finds. I'll post my outfit properly soon but these are the pictures I had on hand for now. Here are a couple of pics of my cousins though enjoying the market.

Cecile smiling in her embroidered number
Tracy sparkling in a glittery dress with the shades of the ocean


Vanessa said...

You gals looked so delightfully summery!

Anonymous said...

Looks just like summer! And I love the bracelet!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great place
Hope to see a better picture of the bracelet :)

- Laura

Solo Lisa said...

This is such a timely post. I'm going to Saltspring Island next month for a friend's wedding. Thanks for the sneak preview of what to expect at the Saturday Market!

quelle said...

i still haven't visited!

can't wait to see the other jewelry you picked up!

Bobbin Talk said...

Yammy stuff and amazing colors!!

Teresa said...

Stylin' family :) The markets sound absolutely awesome with all the locally made stuff. I like the rose beads necklace you bought.

And the hotel you stayed at looks very comfy and home like

kathygko said...

What a nice, summery post! I want to visit Salt Spring Island and Saturday Market now too.