Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Essentials

We've been in a deep freeze on the west coast of Canada now for nearly a week, and with more snow in the forecast, it makes these winter essentials all the more necessary.

I recently bought a pink beret from Fine Finds, kind of like this one, only mine is a bit fuzzier as it's made of mohair and less cable-ly. Pink isn't usually a favorite colour of mine but this one was so sweet and pairs so nicely with grey that I had to grab it. Plus -15 Celsius outside made it an easy decision.

I've also been living in my Matt Bernson Rivington boots the entire autumn and although they're not any good in the snow, they've been my number one purchase this fall. They match everything - tucked into skinnies and tights, with flowy dresses and bubble skirts. I love the slim wedge heel, the gold side snap buttons, and adjustable leather straps. The smell of the leather was just lovely (being an equestrian, I am a leather freak).

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