Monday, March 30, 2009

Galloping on the Beach

Miss Fancy and I went on a beach ride at Iona Beach in Richmond over the weekend.  When the tide is out low, you can ride very far to the shore on flat sand and clay.  Sunday was the perfect day for riding on the beach - endless clear blue skies matched by endless crashing waves stretching out as far as we could see.   Below was my view from Fancy's back:

We took turns making videos of each other cantering and galloping along the beach.  Below, we were as close as we could get to the waves without the horses spooking.

There were many interesting birds at Iona, including this bald eagle.    I wish I had my other camera with me as my point and shoot can't zoom in too close.


theanthology said...

Unbelievably beautiful! This makes me want to go riding.

If only I knew how.

Melissa said...

Absolutely amazing!!!!
Wish I had been there:D

Livie said...

@melissa - next time! you could get on fancy!

@theanthology - you should try - we would have so much fun!