Thursday, March 5, 2009

Soweto Strings for Buskaid

I caught a documentary on the Knowledge Network on the weekend called Soweto Strings.  It is the inpiring story of Rosemary Nalden, a British music teacher who founded a music school in Soweto, the sprawling township in South Africa where the fight against apartheid was born.  She helped create a charitable organization called Buskaid, with the mission of bringing African children in townships the opportunity to learn and play classical string instruments.   Through the school, Buskaid has developed a reputable string orchestra of students which performs internationally. The hope is by providing these children with an opportunity to express themselves creatively, with a place of learning and caring, and with a goal to work towards, these children may find a way to a better life.  For some students, Buskaid has been the realization of their life-long dreams, and they have gone on to further studies in England and to play music professionally.

While I watched the documentary, I could see the passion in some of the young students' eyes as they performed the musical pieces.  I could also see the love and care Rosemary has put into the school and the community.   One person can make a difference, and Rosemary has.

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