Monday, March 16, 2009

Louis Vuitton Genius for RTW Fall 2009

Following on the heels of my shoe review at Paris Fashion Week, I couldn't help but check out what else Louis Vuitton had in store once I saw a glimpse of the fabulous ankle ribbon heels. Starting from toes to head is somewhat unconventional, but a pair of shoes can tell you a lot about a man.  In this case, THE man, Marc Jacobs.

I am not traditionally a fan of Louis Vuitton, and I always associated the brand with either posh types that didn't have much style but the cash to flash or middle-aged, melon-squeezing fruit market types with the $20 dollar Chinese knockoff.  LV bags, real or not, were a dime a dozen.

Please forgive me for the lengthy scrolling as I had such a hard time picking out the stand out pieces from the RTW Fall collection.  If I wasn't a LV fan before, I am now. I cannot stop looking at pictures of this show.  I love everything about it, from the poufy bouffant hair right down to the shoes.  Not sure what I would be doing wearing a pair of vinyl thigh-highs on a wet snowy day in Vancouver but I covet.  All pictures from

I'm calling this collection Posh Princess Punk.  There were plenty flirty, girly ruffles, ruches, and feminine silhouettes to play pretty princess, and an 80's excess of rich detailing and luxe fabrics like lace, satin and leather to make it rich.   Marc throws in his slice of punk with thigh-high vinyl lace up boots, vinyl harem pants, and bubble shapes with unexpected patterns and colours. Speaking of colour, this collection kept me guessing, and I was never disappointed as one palette transitioned to the next.  There were lady-like blacks and reds, punky magenta and pink, splashy teal and greens, and flirty corals with sexy nude.  I don't know how he managed to make it all work, but as usual, it worked.

What I also love is his take on this season's emphasis on the shoulders.  Rather than going for a skinny, pyramid shape like Balmain, the LV collection played up the hips to balance out the embellished puffy shoulders.  It made for an ultra girly figure.
And the bags.  They were textured, studded, ruched - a perfect mix of rich and bitch.  I think this year might be a first for me in desiring a proper LV bag.  Not-monogrammed of course.


Vanessa said...

Wow honestly, LV never looked so good!

quelle said...

i have to agree on all accounts! i was never really a fan of LV 'til the last couple seasons and i really started noticing marc jacobs's genius design sense at work.

Anonymous said...

Could so see you in that magenta number.