Friday, March 20, 2009

Horse Play

It's the weekend and that is horse time for me.   This weekend will be packed with equine activities: natural horsemanship class with Miss Fancy Saturday morning, then ride (maybe along the trails if it's nice out and practice some jumps - show season is coming up).  On Sunday, I'm heading out to my good friend Melissa's barn in Maple Ridge to watch her ride her two beautiful Arabians, Silver and Nitro, and then it's off to the Quarterhorse Bazaar at Thunderbird in Langley.  It's gonna be so fun!  I'll be getting lots of snaps of my two favorite grey ponies (Silver and Nitro) and might even hop on Silver for a little bit to see how far his training has come.

Here's a couple pics of the minis from last weekend.  At one point, all four of these guys were surrounding me!  I tried to get a pic but it's nearly impossible to rein in four miniature horses especially when they won't stop moving.   They also kept trying to get into the shed where all the supplies are kept!  They know where the food is.

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