Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cherry-Topped Sunday

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm still catching up and last week has been busy. I've taken on a part-time role (in addition to my day job) teaching e-business and marketing at a fashion design program, so things aren't going to slow down. The good news is, I think we're less than 12 weeks away to Christmas (yay Hawaii!). So please bear with me.

With all the excitement, I'm sure glad last weekend I got to take it easy and splurge at the Four Seasons in Whistler. After a day of mountain biking, I swam a few laps in the heated outdoor pool, jumped in the hot tub, and then sunned myself poolside before hitting the spa (can you believe this is possible in the alpines at the end of September?). There was no better way to top off the day then to head out to the highly celebrated Bearfoot Bistro (not to be confused with this other Bear in Tofino). Award-winning head chef Melissa Craig and her crew did not disappoint.

Above photo: me goofing around in front of a pretty painting at the Four Seasons. I love the colours!
Below: Melissa Craig (to the left) and her team pumping out perfection in a bite.

Our epicurean journey began with an amuse bouche consisting of shrimp, wasabi mayo, and pesto.
A very elegant heirloom tomato and smoked black cod salad was my appetizer. It was served with balsamic vinegar beads, dill, and olive oil powder. Simply incredible.
A lovely 2004 pinot noir from Foxtrot Winery in Naramata, BC. filled our mouths with juicy berries, hints of chocolate and caramel, and warmed our hearts.
My father ordered the whole Dover sole which was served tableside with the bones removed exquisitely by the server. The citrus beurre-blanc were to die for!
I savoured a red piece of tenderloin, served with shaved foie gras butter in a miniature pan.
But best of all, the cherry topper on a perfectly indulgent Sunday, was the dessert. Bearfoot Bistro offers their "Nitro Ice-Cream for 2" where the ice-cream is churned by hand at your table with the help of some patented liquid nitrogen (hence the smoke below).
It's served with all the toppings needed for the ultimate sundae: brandied cherries, whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauces, crunchy chocolate pearls, and nuts. I would go back just for this!!
After the ice-cream, we got a personal tour of their very large wine cellar. We saw a Magnum of Opus One in there!
And yes, I did get to lick that wooden spoon afterwards, hence my very satisfied expression below.
Below: Me screwing around again in front of a Bear sculpture after dinner.
Peacock silk dress, from Hong Kong
Studded brown boots, from Hong Kong


Teresa said...

The food looks divine. And I had to look at the pictures of the ice cream a few more seconds longer..looks sooo good!

I'm really glad a young female hot shot like Melissa Craig is making a name for herself in the culinary world. She's hard working, passionate about cooking, and seems so nice and without ego.

nicole said...

gorgeous dress liv! love the peacock print and how you paired it with those tan boots, v. chic! and omg that nitro-sundae thing looks A-mazing!! the patented liquid nitrogen idea with the hand churned ice cream makes it sound even better! and you just had to take pictures, now I'm hungry damnit haha glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!


quelle said...

omgggggg what a terrible idea for me to read this post in the middle of the night! now i'm hankering for everything on that menu! i need to try that ice cream!

love the dress!

ps - word verification is "foodiess".. maybe not so random? though 'foodiess' isn't a word as far as i know?

talesfromabarstool said...

Your dress is gorgeous! And that meal looks amazing. I will have to check it out next time I'm in Whistler town...

The Anthology said...

Love that peacock dress. Actually, I love peacock feathers on anything and everything.

You look adorable!

* Kelsey

VancityAllie said...

You look so happy and carefree here! Whistler definitely suits you...

Oh Whistler... so fantastic for food. The Barefoot Bistro is sooooo good!

Hmmm that ice cream liquid nitrogen is getting my brain spinning... I wonder if I can make ice cream at home that way... did it look dangerous at all? Easy? Hard?

Love the dress.

Larissa said...

Love your dress and your bob!

Sophë said...

that food looks really good. and i may make an ice cream sundae tonight after seeing those pictures
sophie xox

The Haute-Shopper said...

Awesome dress! I just had to comment on this post as well, because we recently had the nitro ice cream for the first time in London a while back. They did the whole dramatic thing of churning it at our table as well, but I thought it was pretty neat :) (ok, I'm easily impressed that way...)

Dream Sequins said...

I LOVE that peacock print dress and your hair looks so hot right now! Jealous! Thanks for sharing that total food p*rn ;)