Tuesday, October 20, 2009


First off, I really want to thank you guys for reading this blog. It's been nearly a year since I first started writing and your responses have been beyond anything I imagined. Your comments rock and I look forward to reading them everyday. Along the way, it's been fun connecting with some of you who also have wonderful blogs. And I'm about to honour some of you below.

A big note of thanks to my good friend Kelsey at The Anthology, a daily must read. She gave me this award below, and now I'm passing the love around. To you, wonderful writers, bloggers, fashionistas, divas and human beings, I pass this onto you:

When I started It's a Beautiful Life, my hope was to share something in the daily life that was beautiful to me. I have gained so much more than that, and once again thank you!!


la flore et la faune . com said...

Merci beaucoup Liv pour l'award et peut-être à bientôt à Paris pour boire un verre. ;)

kirstyb said...

well done on the award xx

nicole said...

Hey Liv! Aw thank you so much for the award, you're such a sweetheart :) Wow a year goes by fast eh? Happy Anniversary! I look forward to many more posts to come!