Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crossing Over to the (Dark) Vintage Side

Remember when I did a post about a new vintage era possibly starting in my closet, as inspired by blogger friends who rock the vintage look? Well, here is my first vintage piece on It's a Beautiful Life. Mom was in town a few weeks ago and we were digging through her closet of unwanteds. Hanging by its lonely self was this very rock-star worthy, blue houndstooth blazer by Escada. The shoulders were all 80's, perhaps late eighties, and the cut was custom tailored for my little momma. Oh how I love the velvet trim: makes me feel like rockstar royalty.

What's even better, is knowing that this piece was given to my mom from one of her best friends. This lady is extremely wealthy, and also once bought me my first concert tickets (NKOTB baby!). And I think she'll be very happy to know I'm now wearing her gift.
By the way, a mutual friend of The Anthology and I, says vintage must be 25 years or older. Now according to that rule, my piece wouldn't be classified as vintage. What do you guys think? Does clothing have to be older than 25 years to gain the title vintage?

Vintage Escada houndstooth jacket with velvet trim
Blue tee with metallic stripe from Hong Kong
Leather pants by Teen flo
Blue roundtoe pumps by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Metallic silver clutch from Fine Finds


quelle said...

what a find!

i think i'd consider anything over two decades old "vintage." so, 20 years counts to me! :)

somedaynewyorker said...

Incredible blazer.

la flore et la faune . com said...

Well, I think real vintage is more about 100 years. That is real vintage. And if you wear only fur, c'est encore plus vintage (Middle Paleolithic 300,000–30,000 years ago)

The Haute-Shopper said...

I love this entire outfit! The color and detailing of the blazer is so beautiful. I'm a little annoyed my mom constantly gives away her clothes (she loves clearing out things), because who knows what I might have found in her closet. The leather trousers and tee give the whole outfit such a great rock edge.

I heard about the vintage rule as well. I read that anything 50's or older would be classified as such. Anything younger is merely second-hand or 'retro'. I don't make this classification myself, but I can see why it makes sense, since a 10 year old Topshop dress doesn't really hold the same value (and quality) of a 20s flapper dress!

Nerdic.. said...

Love the color of the blazer!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Dream Sequins said...

WOW. This is so hot-- I don't know what to say! These days, anything goes re: classification of vintage. To me, 70s and older = true vintage, whereas 80s and 90s looks fall somewhere in the middle. But really, if I'm wearing something from a designer and it was Fall 2005 or something-- I still consider that "vintage" in my mind. Fashion sprints quickly through these looks! Back to this blazer though-- you're reminding me to look through my Mom's things when I'm back in LA for Christmas. She had some really amazing things! Vintage is back and I'm excited!

The Anthology said...

I love that blazer! I say the same rules apply to clothes as to cars -- if it's younger than 25 years, it's not a classic.

But this is spectacular, nonetheless.

* Kelsey

nicole said...

gorgeous outfit Liv! love the leather pants and LOVE the houndstooth blazer! esp with the velvet trim! I'd have to agree with quelle, 20+ years is considered vintage to me! and now you, as well as deanne are now reminding me that I should rummage through my mom's closet the next time I see her ;)

also, LOVE your Marc by Marc patent pumps! the colour is so rich!

beckyxoxo said...

wow i adore that blazer !

Ashley said...

Amazing blazer and I love those leather pants!!! Great outfit!

Teresa said...

Love the vibrant jacket! which reminds me...need to rummage through my parents closets. Think I saw some worthy leather jackets in there

VancityAllie said...

What a beautiful blazer! Of course works perfectly with those Marcs.

P.S. Totally vintage :)

Livie said...

so after debate, the verdict is still mixed - but what everyone agrees on is they love the blazer and marc's pumps!

thanks for all your thoughtful contributions to the discussion.