Monday, November 2, 2009

I've Been Ghosting

Some snaps from my night out on Halloween. I ended up going to a haunted house event at the local amusement park fair and had fun screaming my head off.
Above: Teresa of Senses and Style, zombie, and friend. It was very cold so the ladies kept their coats on which effectively covered their costumes (naughty school girl and hot cop).
Above: Glittery lights from the Ferris Wheel and Pirate Ship rides.

I ended up going as a pirate wench but to my dismay, the mini pirate skull hat did not stay put on my head. The good thing about this getup is it can double as a vampire costume next year. Or just whenever I feel like it.


The Haute-Shopper said...

Love your outfit! You're right... you could definitely reuse the costume or where it whenever (hey, that's the benefit of working in an ad agency, right? ;-) Glad you had such a great time. All your friends look terrific as well!

Teresa said...

what a fun nite! my throat was sore from all that shrieking lol. Hilarious that we were the only ones in costume at Les Faux

Dream Sequins said...

Rawr! Hope you had a Happy Halloween. You look pretty adorable in that outfit :)

VancityAllie said...

Holy crap! Those are some scary costumes... *shivers* I am easily scared.

Very cute pirate costume... very much suits you :D

Dream Sequins said...

Hey lady-- I wanted to send you an invite. Can you email me? dreamsequins at gmail!