Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Most Glamorous Wedding Favour Boxes Ever

When I planned my wedding, I had a hard time figuring out how to package the custom chocolates I ordered. I ended up ordering some Chinese take-out boxes online and tried my best to dress them up with pink ribbons (not very well). If only I had something like the beautiful favour boxes by Tulle Box Designs.

Tulle Box Designs is created by my good friend Maxine, and she recently launched a new website. We had a chance to chat about her company and her thoughts on upcoming wedding trends. Her passion and knowledge for all things weddings really shines, and it shows in her unique and beautiful products.

1. Tell me about Tulle Box Designs. What do you do?

Tulle Box Designs makes handmade, lush, and beautiful wedding favour packaging. At weddings, favours are typically placed on the table, and I'm a huge believer that everything that sits on guest tables should be really really pretty--whether it's the flowers, the centerpieces, or the favours.

Above: Lucky Red Take-Out Box by Tulle Box Designs. That's what I needed for my wedding!

2. What is the inspiration behind Tulle Box Designs?

I have quite the collection of wedding magazines, and Tulle Box Designs is really inspired by all the beautifully-detailed weddings in those magazines. I am constantly inspired by these details, like a gorgeous monogram, beautiful baskets holding colourful pashminas, vintage birdcages, and antique brooches, to name a few.

3. For your own wedding, you had a gorgeous traditional church ceremony and then a grand reception dinner at the Westin. Tell me more about the decorations and themes you chose, and what were some of your favourite pieces.

For my own wedding, I wanted an old-world and elegant feel. The guest tables were dressed in antique gold silk table linens, tall candelabras, and antique-looking frames for table numbers. One of my favourite pieces were my favours. They were boxes of tea which were dressed with a handmade green-tea coloured peony and tied with chocolate ribbon.
Above: Gorgeous table setting at Maxine's wedding.

4. Of the designs you offer, which is your favourite?

My favourite one is the mille-feuille garden rose--they remind me of petit-fours and that makes me happy. =)

Above: Mille-feuille garden rose favour boxes in green tea.

5. What are the top wedding trends upcoming for 2010 in terms of style and decor? Are we seeing anything new or drastically different?

We are seeing many brides adorn feathered and/or jeweled hairpieces. I think they look so beautiful and I would LOVE to see bridesmaids adorn hairpieces too. Even a string of pearls weaved through a chignon is so elegant. The 2010 bridal season is one of my favourites. The wedding gowns are so ethereal and airy. They really make brides look like they're walking on clouds. Colour-wise, I think we'll see more soft, muted colour palettes like grays and really soft yellows. For decor, i can see lots of one-of-a-kind decor pieces from antique stores and flea markets.

6. Who are your favourite wedding gown designers?

This is hard! There are SOOO many wedding gown designers that I LOVE. Okay, but if I had to narrow it down, it'd be Vera Wang, Judd Waddell, Amsale, Monique L'huillier, Reem Acra, and Melissa Sweet.

Above: Maxine and her hubby take a walk amongst leaves on their wedding day (with her Manolos of course).

7. Who did you wear at your own wedding?

An antique ivory silk Judd Waddell ballgown. The skirt was huge, and underneath the silk were layers and layers of tulle that made me want to twirl all night. Dress was paired with silver d'orsay Manolo Blahniks with rhinestone buckles.

Images for Maxine's wedding are by Jonetsu Photography, who also happened to photography my wedding.


Jenn said...

One of the best things I love about weddings is getting to see what the bride and groomed picked for their wedding favors! The red mini takeout boxes are PERFECT for Chinese weddings. They're adorable. This post makes me all giddy for planning my future wedding one day haha

The Haute-Shopper said...

Those boxes are such a great idea for favors! I love them! I might have to give my friend a heads-up (she just got engaged 2 weeks ago). For my wedding we had boxes that resembled small bags... haha... they were French of course (even though I didn't live in France at the time). Ahh, I think decorations are my favorite part of the wedding.... even more so than the dress or shoes!

nicole said...

I love this post Liv! Those boxes are so beautiful! and very glamorous. perfect for wedding favours. Those mille-feuille garden rose ones are definitely my favourites :)

I have to agree with Jenn, I always look forward to seeing what the bride and groom pick as their wedding favours too! I esp love the ones that have a lot of thought put into them and are really different and unique.

thanks for your comment btw! I love that Sans Vanite t-shirts can be unisex.. I don't care either way I'm still getting one to wear for myself! hahaha

nicole said...

just read your other comment on my day 34 post. yes I'm almost there! I'm technically closer in real life than through my blog, but oh well. The longer I keep to the ban, the more money I save... supposedly hahaha. yeah, working above Fine Finds probably doesn't help to deter from spending, which is probably why I work far away from Downtown, but close to Metrotown, which is also bad lol.

ok I am not going to make it my duty to convince you to buy those Lanvin sunglasses UNTIL YOU BUY THEM. COME ONNNNN if they're calling your name, they're practically yours already! I need to see a picture of these glasses btw, you should blog about them so everyone can justify you purchasing them! ;)

I'm allowed to do my Christmas shopping so as long as I don't buy stuff for myself. But then again, I don't have a lot of ppl to shop for so that helps :)

wonderfelle said...

these really are the most glamorous wedding favor boxes ever and I wish I had known about them a few months ago when I was planning my sister's wedding because she would have died!

lisa said...

These wedding favours are soo adorable! Judging from her handiwork and the photos from her own wedding, Maxine is a woman of wonderful taste. :-)

Niki B. said...

wow the tulle boxes are amazing, they're perfect!
and thank you so much for the link love :) i see via twitter you were also at the nucks game tonight, me too! the trivia challenge tool, that was meeeee! hahaha. embarrassing.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Wow, totally gorgeous. Found your blog through Dream Sequin's team party (I was in part 2) and hope we can be blogger buddies.

This would be PERFECT for my Taiwan wedding (just blogged about the box dilemma) except it's coming up really soon so we'll have to have something pretty simple. Will totally pass your friend's store on though!

MizzJ said...

Great interview Liv! Her pieces are absolutely gorgeous! hehe I kinda wish I were getting married just so I could have excuses to shop for such cute things.

Hmm a holiday makeup tutorial? Sure I would love to do one! Any particular look you would like to see?

Maxine from TulleBox said...

Hi everyone! It's Maxine from TulleBox. Thank you sooo much for your wonderful comments. They made my day!! :)

dani kreeft said...

that photo of maxine and her husband is BEAUTIFUL! and stellar blog, keep it up! xoxo.

scrapbook said...

those are truly wonderful ideas .... thanks for sharing and definitely something to keep in mind to spread the words for those whose wedding are on the way :D!!! xx

Teresa said...

These are so beautiful and are perfect as table decorations too. So much better than the wrapped mentos/candies that I usually see.

The Anthology said...

Yaaaaaay Maxine! So brilliant. So talented.

Beautiful post, ladies!