Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hump Day Hunks: Sweet 16 Edition

It was Spring 1994. Vancouver Canucks magic was in the air as our team headed for the Stanley Cup playoffs final. Our team had done the impossible, playing the underdog and beating out all other teams in the Western Conference. I remember being at the series clinching Game 5 that put us into the finals - oh how sweet it was. And there was none sweeter than #16, captain of the Canucks, Trevor Linden.
I owe this Hump Day Hunks Sweet 16 edition to my good friend Melissa. I promised to do it for Trevor's birthday (a couple of weeks ago) but I was away so didn't get to it. She is his biggest fan. EVER. She still sleeps in a Linden night shirt, even after all these years. Even as his boyish cute looks have been chiseled away to a bearded, rugged handsomeness. He came to this city a boy, and we watched him grow into a man.
We used to see Trevor and current Canucks captain Roberto Luongo nearly every week at a sandwich shop the last year of Trevor's career. They would often say hello, smile at us, or say goodbye. One time I almost collided right into him with my pile of forks, straws, and napkins. I'm sure I would have been knocked down and out of breath, and I just about died of embarrassment.
Trevor's come a long way since donning this Canadian tuxedo. From the times I've seen him in person, I can say he's one of the best dressed Canucks. Slim cut cardigans and sweaters, dress shirts, or designer track jackets. His jeans fit him really nicely too =D.
So, as the Canucks play tonight against the LA Kings in a pivotal game, let us find inspiration from our Hump Day Hunk. Trevor's given us his heart and soul and let's hope the current Canucks can also find that in themselves tonight. GO CANUCKS GO!!!

ps - can you believe what a baby Henrik Sedin looks like here?


Teresa said...

lol love the last picture with baby Henrik holding the Asterix book. He looks soooo young. I love the old school Trevor pics too..how cute.

melissa said...

Thank you for posting Trevor xoxo. He IS the most dapper of all Canucks/former Canucks, isn't he?

That last photo looks like Trevor's teaching Henrik to read LOL.

And Trevor, if you read this, happy birthday for last Sunday - I sent you a message on Twitter but you're never on:(

melissa said...

I forgot "GO CANUCKS GO"

VancityAllie said...

This is my favourite post on your blog EVER.

Sooooo sexy!

RAWR! I love Trevor. And no -- not for his looks... for his contributions to the community, his work ethic on the ice when he played, and his dedication to the fans.

Niki B. said...

ohhhh my godddd this is one of the best HDHD posts yet. so so so good. that last pic of trevor was henrik made me laugh so hard, i actually am changing it to my facebook profile pic.
ps. go canucks go!

Clara said...

love your glasses and skirt in the previous post.
grea t blog

Jenn said...

LOL at that trading card photo! It's so early 90s hahah
I once saw a very PG-13 photo of Trevor on Flickr posing at a cabin and wearing very very tight bicycle shorts hahaha.. if I ever see if I'll be sure to show it to you. But yes, he is definitely sexy. I love him!