Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Like a Sunset

It's my last day in Hong Kong. The weather finally let up so I was able to sneak in a few photies of my finds. I've been very focused on ticking off the items I wanted off the Hit Lists - and then some =D.
Style wise, this trip has been inspiring. The people here really know how to dress and seamlessly blend the latest trends into something wearable. It's definitely going to push my personal sartorial boundaries. Some of my past fears, like harem pants, crazy prints, and bright colours, have been conquered.
I'm sad to leave but there's also so much to look forward to. The Canucks are starting the first round of the playoffs against the LA Kings, and I've got a surf weekend break soon. I can't wait to try out my new board!
And leaving Asia behind, I've got Europe to look ahead to. Official planning starts when I get home! Any advice please on shopping, eating, staying in Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam is appreciated.
Blue floral baby doll tank, gift from mom
Abstract circle print zipper skirt, from Hong Kong
White textured rose pin cardigan, stolen from mom
Gucci handbag, circa mid 90's, stolen from mom
Platform strappy heels, Belle
Round "wood" shades, custom made
Coral with yellow and white diamonds ring, custom, remade vintage gift


TheFashionAve said...

love your heels and the bag! :)

Dream Sequins said...

That old school Gucci bag takes me back to rummaging through my Mom's purses :) Love the florals on you! xx

VancityAllie said...

You look great, Liv! I especially love the white jacket... very cool.

I also love that you get so much fashion inspiration from your mom's clothes! I should rummage through my mom's closet, actually...

Can't wait to see all the goodies you bring back... might I recommend a big "top down bed shot" where you dump everything you bought onto the bed and take a photo? ;) Sometimes I find those are very effective, haha.

Either way, you're a terrible influence and I think I'm going to get that Valentino bag after all. *sigh* :)

It Girl (Anya) said...

Oh Liv, this is a perfect summer outfit! I love how you mixed prints (hard to do!). I love vintage GUCCI bags. So classic! And the it's the perfect size for the summer.

I wish I could move to Hong Kong! I love it there!

MizzJ said...

You always post such great outfits Liv! Please do more :) I LOVE everything in this outfit - the crazy patterns and how you mixed them, those killer shoes, that sweet cardigan and that vintage Gucci! *drool*

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nicole said...

way to go on mixing prints! i'm still unsure how to do that and get it right lol, so far i'm just wearing whatever prints together hoping that it looks okay. but the floral skirt and top are so pretty, OF COURSE, bought in HK, why am i not surprised?

i love your jacket, sunnies and shoes too. heck I love it all! enjoy HK while it lasts dear muahahaha, if I had to come back from Cabo, you have to come back as well! I'm kidding. you look fabulous though :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love the mixed prints, darling!


Haute World said...

I heard HK had a bit of iffy weather. It's such a shame the pollution seems to be getting worse every year. Cute skirt!

And I've been to all places you mentioned (except Stockholm, though I"m heading there in May). I actually lived in Amsterdam for 2 years and it's a fun place to shop, but severely touristy. In all places,I'd definitley also focus on food, especially Copenhagen, which has some amazing Michelin starred restaurants!

Laura said...

The outfit is so cool! You look great!
I especially love the heels...

- Laura

Teresa said...

Glad you had a fun fab time in HK. I really adore the layered ruffle skirt. It's very different and perfect for Spring

lisa said...

Fantastic summery outfit! I love how you've mixed patterns so successfully here. Hope you had a splendid time in HK and the return to reality wasn't too jarring. :-)

Jenn said...

Love the heels, love the skirt!! I just bought a floral skirt and I can't wait to wear it. SPRING IS HERE !!

Mathilde's Daily said...

love the outfit <3
The skirt is amazing.