Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thoroughly Bred

I took some quick snaps yesterday before I headed out to watch horse racing at the Happy Valley Racetrack in Hong Kong. I forgot to show you my new mini purse, tiny like the one I posted about before. I found this Japanese label called Ambient, and I've been stocking up on some not-some-basic basics. *Warning* long post!
Like this pair of paneled, stretchy riding pants. And these cuffed platform Elizabeth and James-ish booties. Both by Ambient.
For such a simple outfit, normally I would play up the accessories. Since I'm away, I didn't bring much. I did spice things up with my custom made, perfectly round shades (kinda like these Lanvin sunnies that I coveted). If you look closely, the frame looks as though it was made from dark grained wood. My lovely friends at Fox Optical were kind enough to create this one-of-a-kind piece for me.
There's also a lovely story behind my new coral with yellow and white diamonds ring, from my mother. I'll have to save that for another post.
Now, on to the horse racing. We had the corporate box through my dad, and we enjoyed a full dinner buffet. Some of the dishes included tandoori salmon, curry lamb, roast pork loin, and coconut prawns. It was delicious.
We were taken down to the concourse level for one of the races. We got to watch the horses warm up; it was awesome to see them so up close. Then, we watched the race right next to the track at the finish line. As the horses thundered towards the finish line, the level of excitement from the crowd was deafening. I couldn't get any pictures of the horses as they were going so fast. All I know is I would give just about anything to have a go around the track full steam on a thoroughbred. I'll just have to imagine that the next time I ride around the track at Southlands.

We came home with our tummies full and pockets empty since none of us won on our bets. I took some videos of the race and warm-up below. Please excuse the crappy music - I don't have any music here with me.

Deconstructed grey tee, from Hong Kong
Stretchy skinny riding pants and cuffed boots, Ambient
Vest, mom's
Round black sunnies, custom creation using Mitsu Cairo frames


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You live in Hong Kong? That shirt is amazing by the way and I totally lust after those booties! Glad you had a good time at the races!

Teresa said...

Did you cut up the tee yourself? It's looks pretty rocker chic

melissa said...

the shot with the booties & the hardwood floor is amazing:)

Aney said...

Oh, loving the deconstructed tee along with the vest and shoes!

quelle said...

oh those shoes are so fantastic! and the glasses!!! ahhh the whole outfit is so awesome!

Niki B. said...

love love love love love the booties. did I mention that I love your shoes?

nicole said...

nice pants liv! and i lovelovelove your ankle boots! i've never seen a horse race before but i've always wanted to, they look like a lot of fun! glad you're having fun in HK but come back home soon! xx

Vinci said...

Love your outfit :)