Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Heart Jamie Oliver

When the weekend rolls around, I love to laze around, sip some tea, and get inspired as to what to nosh on. Who inspires me in the kitchen? None other than Jamie Oliver, and I've been a big fan of him since the early Naked Chef days.

I noticed on his new website that he's started something called Recipease in the UK. The concept is simple - you show up, pick out the item(s) you want for dinner, and you take 10 minutes to prep it in the Recipease kitchen before taking home a delicious meal of say, Jamie's Fantastic Fish Pie to finish cooking in your oven. There are a variety of items to choose from, from starters to mains to sweets ("puddings"). What's so cool about it is the menu obviously features all of Jamie's recipes. The concept is not new - in Vancouver we have several similar services such as Dinnerworks and Indishpensable which make creating proper, tasty meals super easy. These services are incredibly helpful for busy people who don't want take-out but don't have time to do all the prep work.

Classic lasagna available at Recipease. Image from

Too bad Recipease isn't here in North America - yet. Given Jamie's empire, maybe we'll see it on our neighbourhood block soon.

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