Thursday, February 19, 2009

Simply Sublime of a Gem a Winner at the Oscars

My cousin Tracy took me this absolute gem of a boutique last week - Simply Sublime.  Located at Oak and between West 22nd and 23rd in an old-school, low-rise apartment, where the building facade hangs the store's "golden crown" sign, one really has to look carefully to realize what a fine find this is.  Once inside, I felt like I was entering the lofty apartment of a very hip, very girly, girlfriend, filled with art, silver mirrors, and curvy antique white chairs.  I was then privy to rifle through her closet to try on the most stylish things and jewelry.  Oh, and did I mention Selena, the lovely manager at Simply Sublime, offered me bubbly?  I was in shopping heaven.  

Constantina James is the owner of Simply Sublime and also the designer of the beautiful jewelry on display.  Her work ranges from 14 carat delicate gold chains to sterling silver, and many pieces are hand hammered for Constantina's trademark feminine, organic look (think wilting gold leaves and feathers). The pieces incorporate semi-precious gems like Citrine, Blue Topaz, Pearls, Peridot and Swarovksi crystals.  Celebrities have taken note of because everyone from Anne Heche to Britney Spears have been photographed wearing her necklaces and earrings, and Simply Sublime is even providing a set of necklace, earrings and bracelet in this year's 2009 Oscars gift bag.  See the below photo for what the celebs are going to get!

below: Claire Newell Necklace (centre), matching double-hooped earrings and custom bracelet (not shown) in the Oscars goodie bag.

The Simply Sublime Atelier carries a wonderful selection of brands such as Habitual, Ella Moss, James Perse, Kensi and Velvet.  Everything from daily work wear, skinny jeans, embroidered beaded tanks and frilly tops can be found - day to night wear. 

For Spring and Summer, Selena says watch for bright colours (think sunshine yellow, tangerine, and mint green) in both the clothing and jewelry line from Simply Sublime.   I couldn't decide on which necklace I liked on my trip there but I'll be checking in soon for new stuff.

below: entrance reception 

Simply Sublime is located at 150-3737 Oak Street in Vancouver.


quelle said...

beautiful!! i didn't think awesome places like this existed in vancouver!

Anonymous said...


Tracy said...

Yes. It is a great place. I end up buying that Gypsy dress..although they are out of the orange one, so I bought the grey one instead. Not my no. 1 choice...but I still can't wait to wear it in the summer!!!!