Monday, February 2, 2009

Unlease your inner artist on Valentine's Day

Most men's favorite holiday is coming right around the corner, and I thought this little new place, Raw Canvas, would make such a fun date on cupid's day.  It's up the road from where I work, and when I walked past it, I was immediately intrigued by the host of impeccably hip, artsy types lounging around in there.  I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but I'm hoping to as soon.

Raw Canvas is a "cafe, lounge, studio, gallery, inspiration" according to their website.   Their concept is based on social gathering spaces in Hong Kong which promote "art jamming".  At Raw Canvas, you can sip your latte and paint away all day long while nibbling on your panini.  You buy a canvas from them (various sizes available)  and they supply all the paint, clean up etc.  Did I mention they serve wine?  If you're a shy about everyone watching your artistic genius at work, I am sure a few glasses of god's juice will help put you at ease.

As someone obsessed with the Impressionlist period, with all of Paris' lively cafes full of intellectual and artsy sorts, this sure sounds romantic to me.  Unfortunately, my hubby's birthday is right up against V-Day; therefore, this day is not celebrated in our lives.   Bummer.

Note: they even held a Bob Ross night.  How wicked is that?

Cool people hanging out.

Possibly drunk people creating art.

More cool people hanging out.

(All pictures courtesy of Raw Canvas)

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quelle said...

damn. all the cool stuff happens after i leave the 'hood. :(