Thursday, May 21, 2009

As if! The 90's are back

You knew this was coming right? The "new" style crop tops (bra tops, Wang or Schouler style) making their way down various RTW runways (maybe it can work with high waisted pants, maybe?), the grungy flannel shirts and ripped jean shorts (Kate Moss never grew out of them and neither did I), and denim everything. All of these were ominous signs that the days of Fresh Prince, C+C Music Factory, and Hammertime are back. Yes, we're talking early 90's.

House of Holland led the way with their Spring 2009 RTW line, which was filled with black and white polka-dots and loud florals that hit the catwalks of every high school in America, Beverly Hills or not. And now WhoWhatWear has done this fabulous shoot paying homage to our favourite teens from that glamorous zipcode, 90210. When I first saw the above group shot, I actually thought for a second that was the real Brenda Walsh!


I love the way they have interpreted the 90's, and I wish i still have those black Doc Marten boots that I lived in to pair with my new old school Nirvana tee.

Still don't believe me? L.A Gear is back (the intro video on their site is KILLER). Together with Sportie LA, they have relaunched the colourful line of high tops available exclusively through Sportie LA. I want this pair!

For a giggle, check out this list of The Worst 90's Trends - I was guilty on 4/5 accounts.

What were your fave and most regretted fashion trends of the 90's? I am still diggin ripped denim, babydolls, and floral dresses with vests. BUM Equipment, Blossom hats, and baby backpacks must be amongst my worst crimes.

Now, gotta download me some Straight Up.


xs said...

LA Gear is back?! wow, the 90's are now the long ago decade being talked about. i feel old!

Livie said...

@xs - yes me too! it's scary to think not that long ago I was sporting some pink and purple LA Gears and knee high socks with babydoll dresses.

The Anthology said...

Always have and always will love the early 90s. Especially the music. C+C Music Factory is on every dance mix I make.

quelle said...

i saw neon la gear hightops last summer while shopping in the states. it was both an epic and painful moment.

i always kind of liked that chanel look from '93 or '94?? with the chains, chuck taylor hightops, military jackets and roses. i don't think that ever really took off though.

and speaking of ms brenda walsh, i saw her on robson a couple summers ago, but didn't like the idea of being bitch slapped for approaching her.

MizzJ said...

I love that Brenda-esque photo, the makeup and hair are hot! It does make me feel really old that the 90s are back. haha I am so guilty of wearing mini backpacks