Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekday Bleu et Lookbook New

I caught up on some photos tonight and this is a shoot my friend Melissa did with me last week. She made me laugh so many times during this (asking me to envision my crush as I unbuttoned my artist smock - whom by the way I actually met in person last week at a local pizza shop by accident - that's another story).

I'm also happy to announce I have been accepted to join - you can look for me here. I haven't put up many outfits yet as I have just joined this invite-only community, but please come by and HYPE me so I can start garnering some karma. I am greatly thankful for any support! Lookbook has been such a wonderful inspiration and a reason why I started this blog.


Artist Smock by Except Life, from Hong Kong
Blue and White Striped Shirtdress, from Shanghai
Black Tie leggings, stolen from mom
Chain bracelet watch, Gucci
Metallic Ballet Flats, from Simply Sublime
Horse necklace, gift from my dear cousin
Wayfarers, by Rayban


Anonymous said...


Ashita said...

hhehe your post is adorable and funny too.

I love your coat... living it up

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

loveee your coat!! its perfect, and your sunglasses are great too xx

Sydnie said...

I love, love, LOVE your coat!


Ida said...

this coat is all one could ever want from a coat. love it.

t. said...

apparently, folks really like your coat. you best watch yourself, lest you get mugged by a gang of wandering fashionistas. ;)