Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Stealing You: Head to Toe

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of downing a few at the Kingston Taphouse with the well-heeled Patrick Conn of Room 907. Patrick is a connoisseur of all things dapper, from fashion to art and design to travel. He's recently come back from a stint in Shanghai, and is off to lovely Ireland by the fall. He's also got a dream internship this summer - at Vancouver's fab one-stop boutique Aritzia. While we chowed down on wings and nachos, and swore our socks off over the horrible officiating of the hockey game (elimination for my darling Vancouver Canucks - so sad!), he remained remarkably civilized looking at the end of the night. Always a gent, I present to you Head to Toe, PConn style.

Shirt: Brooks Brothers Country Club
Jacket: Ransom
Pants: Stussy Custom
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: To the Point Wingtips

Just realized I'm missing one vital piece of information - his outstanding blue-green woven belt. Will follow up with him ASAP!


Room 907 said...

Stussy Belt!
Kudos to you!

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Wow Aritzia internship? I would love that, I'm obsessed with the Wilfred line haha. What a well dressed gentleman! xx

Kelsey said...

You're so right, Liv. Dapper is the perfect way to describe him.