Friday, April 10, 2009

Shanghai Highlights

Had my first full day of shopping and brought back a trove of treasures...more on that later. First, a quick photo update of Shanghai.

On day 1 we traveled to Suzhou, about a 45 minute drive from Shanghai to visit the countryside towns and gardens. We visited the Humble Administrator's Garden, a world UNESCO site and considered one of China's four finest classical gardens. The garden was created during the Tang dynasty (618-907) as a scholar garden, and later was acquired by a government official and enlarged into a series of pavilions and ponds connected by walkway paths during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). We also visited some of the water villages nearby, some of which were built nearly 500 years ago also in the Ming dynasty.

Above and two pictures below: Humble Administrator's Garden

Pictures below: water village


Melissa said...

The water village is so beautiful. What a wonderful trip!

quelle said...

beautiful! another thing to add to my never-ending must-sees of china list.

Livie said...

wish I had more time in the area - as Hangzhou and Yangzhou nearby also boasts beautiful gardens and water villages.