Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Vintage Era

Inspired by the vintage-wear of wonderfully stylish bloggers such as The Anthology, The Stylish Wanderer, and I've Got a Lust for Life, I've been giving vintage a second look. I must admit, I haven't shopped at a vintage store in years, mostly because I got too impatient to look through the piles of bric-a-brac to get to the good stuff. When I was younger, vintage was all I ever wore, and when I got to uni, I stopped shopping vintage.

This era is about to end, and especially judging by the juicy finds at Spanish Moss Vintage. I'm crazy about these dresses, some saucy and some sweet.

All images from Spanish Moss Vintage.


konstantine said...

i love all those dresses!

MizzJ said...

I'm so in love with vintage style and these dresses are gorgeous! You should totally get one ;)

The Haute-Shopper said...

Like you, I'm too impatient for vintage shopping, but it's something I really want to get into. Love the dresses you posted! Somehow I like the idea of vintage shopping online (everything looks new in pictures), but I never know how good the condition of the item is.

Mr. T said...

All nice dresses, I particularly like the first 3 though!