Friday, November 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Happy (Black) Friday and weekend, mes amis! I've successfully made it through most of today without buying ANYTHING online even though I've been so tempted by all the black Friday deals. I just about hit Checkout on the pair of Lanvin sunglasses that I've been eyeing for months now but I remembered that I'm going to the FreshOut sale tomorrow and also, I need to keep some money around because I'm finally back in the saddle again.
I haven't ridden regularly since the pony I was leasing, Miss Fancy, was sold (see me and Miss Fancy at a horse show here, riding on the beach here, and some more jumping action here). I tried out several horses, and the pictures you see here is a horse that I did not end up taking. She was a real cutie pie with the prettiest eyes.

Above and Below: Me trying to ride properly after a 3 month absence. This pretty mare wasn't really listening to me! I could barely walk the next two days.
Up next I tried a dark Warmblood gelding named Ned. My hubby found a note on my desk which I had doodled hubby's name and also "Ned" with hearts all over. He said, "LIVIE! Who's Ned?". Hee hee.

Below: This paint horse has the cutest eyes!

Third time was the charm and I found my match. My new horse is called Sandra Dee (Sandy), and she's another chestnut mare. She's a Holsteiner/Thoroughbred cross, and I'm starting next weekend. I can't wait!

All this means I need some new (stylish) winter riding clothes. Like the cozy Gersemi puffy coat below.

Or this Goode Rider puffy parka.

I am kinda in love with this tacky and ever so slightly cheesy horse printed fleece by Outback Trading. I think it can look kinda cool in an ugly sweater sort of way.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Anyone score great deals today for Black Friday? Or are you all saving up for Christmas?

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Eyes of the Tiger

Thank goodness my online shopping is limited to smaller ticket items, because if I could, I would be biding on some of these intricate pieces from the Dupuis Fine Jewelery Auction. Imagine the rush of winning one of these treasures, and the look of surprise I might find on my hubby's face!

Before I go and swoon all over these, I want to give a shout-out to my friend Deanne over at Dream Sequins. She invited me, along with her many stylish blogger friends, to be a guest of her tea party. See what I wore and what others have to say in her post here.

Now on with the swooning: I nearly gasped when I saw this on the cover of the auction book. What's not to love about an 18K golden tiger bangle with emerald eyes? Yellow diamonds and black onyx completed his coat. Very fierce and sold for a some chump change, $160K worth of change.

Above: Coloured Diamond and Onyx Bangle Bracelet by Cartier.

If I could have bidded, it would have been this archaeological revival necklace of gold and lapis lazuli. It's dated circa 1880. Sold for $4000.
I don't have my ears pierced (I can't) but the below pair of coral and diamond earrings would be my choice if I did. Since you can't (and shouldn't) buy coral for obvious reasons, it makes the vintage pair below quite a find.

I have a soft spot for emeralds being Taurus and all (my birthstone), and this late 19th century Belle Époque brooch would satisfy any girl's emerald fix. That gem is over FIVE carats, mounted in platinum and 18K gold. A diamond floral design surrounds this green gem, and the pin sold for a cool 65K.
My last pick is not only beautiful but functional. A very practical art deco emerald and diamond wristwatch, circa 1920. Sale price not listed.
What are your favourite gemstones and jewelry pieces? If you could, what kind of pieces would you buy or bid on?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Most Glamorous Wedding Favour Boxes Ever

When I planned my wedding, I had a hard time figuring out how to package the custom chocolates I ordered. I ended up ordering some Chinese take-out boxes online and tried my best to dress them up with pink ribbons (not very well). If only I had something like the beautiful favour boxes by Tulle Box Designs.

Tulle Box Designs is created by my good friend Maxine, and she recently launched a new website. We had a chance to chat about her company and her thoughts on upcoming wedding trends. Her passion and knowledge for all things weddings really shines, and it shows in her unique and beautiful products.

1. Tell me about Tulle Box Designs. What do you do?

Tulle Box Designs makes handmade, lush, and beautiful wedding favour packaging. At weddings, favours are typically placed on the table, and I'm a huge believer that everything that sits on guest tables should be really really pretty--whether it's the flowers, the centerpieces, or the favours.

Above: Lucky Red Take-Out Box by Tulle Box Designs. That's what I needed for my wedding!

2. What is the inspiration behind Tulle Box Designs?

I have quite the collection of wedding magazines, and Tulle Box Designs is really inspired by all the beautifully-detailed weddings in those magazines. I am constantly inspired by these details, like a gorgeous monogram, beautiful baskets holding colourful pashminas, vintage birdcages, and antique brooches, to name a few.

3. For your own wedding, you had a gorgeous traditional church ceremony and then a grand reception dinner at the Westin. Tell me more about the decorations and themes you chose, and what were some of your favourite pieces.

For my own wedding, I wanted an old-world and elegant feel. The guest tables were dressed in antique gold silk table linens, tall candelabras, and antique-looking frames for table numbers. One of my favourite pieces were my favours. They were boxes of tea which were dressed with a handmade green-tea coloured peony and tied with chocolate ribbon.
Above: Gorgeous table setting at Maxine's wedding.

4. Of the designs you offer, which is your favourite?

My favourite one is the mille-feuille garden rose--they remind me of petit-fours and that makes me happy. =)

Above: Mille-feuille garden rose favour boxes in green tea.

5. What are the top wedding trends upcoming for 2010 in terms of style and decor? Are we seeing anything new or drastically different?

We are seeing many brides adorn feathered and/or jeweled hairpieces. I think they look so beautiful and I would LOVE to see bridesmaids adorn hairpieces too. Even a string of pearls weaved through a chignon is so elegant. The 2010 bridal season is one of my favourites. The wedding gowns are so ethereal and airy. They really make brides look like they're walking on clouds. Colour-wise, I think we'll see more soft, muted colour palettes like grays and really soft yellows. For decor, i can see lots of one-of-a-kind decor pieces from antique stores and flea markets.

6. Who are your favourite wedding gown designers?

This is hard! There are SOOO many wedding gown designers that I LOVE. Okay, but if I had to narrow it down, it'd be Vera Wang, Judd Waddell, Amsale, Monique L'huillier, Reem Acra, and Melissa Sweet.

Above: Maxine and her hubby take a walk amongst leaves on their wedding day (with her Manolos of course).

7. Who did you wear at your own wedding?

An antique ivory silk Judd Waddell ballgown. The skirt was huge, and underneath the silk were layers and layers of tulle that made me want to twirl all night. Dress was paired with silver d'orsay Manolo Blahniks with rhinestone buckles.

Images for Maxine's wedding are by Jonetsu Photography, who also happened to photography my wedding.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Epic Party in Vancity

Last Friday, I had a blast at the birthday and housewarming party of the lovely Allie from Vancity Allie. The cocktail party was EPIC! Since Allie is both a mixmaster of cocktails and a superb chef, it was a real treat. Check out her pictures here; warning though as it may make you hungry and thirsty.

Above: Allie, in her pink frilly dress, and me.

I had no idea what to wear up until Friday. Would it be my princess-y Betsey Johnson pink dress? Or maybe my new grey Built by Wendy sweater dress? I made a mad shopping dash at lunch and found this studded black bustier at one of my fave shops. I knew I had a few different mini skirts that would go with it (like the Diesel faux leather number below) but I needed something to keep me warm.
That's when I found this faux fur cropped jacket at H&M. I picked up some curly lucky bamboo as a gift and I was set to go.
At the party, I got to hang out with Raul from HummingBird604 (picture below), and met Richard from Canucks Hockey Blog and Greg of On the Rant Again (bottom picture). Lots of fun!
This week, I've got another horse to try and a nice dinner date to look forward to. I'll have some pictures from last week's horse trial up soon I promise!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cozy Up to Colour

As the weather gets chillier, I'm reaching into my closet more and more for sweater coats and warm cardigans. I realized that I have a lot of sweaters in creams, greys and blacks but I am suffering from a lack of colour.

I found these gorgeous, colourful and textured cardigans from Anthropologie and I wish I could buy all of them! My favourite one is the above Tie-Dye Cardigan, but any of the below beauties will do.

Above: Splash-Of-Colour Cardigan and Red Gumshoe Sweater Coat (comes in a stunning deep purple too)

Below: High Speed Cardigan and Colourfield Cardigan

I still couldn't resist one black and white sweater coat - if you look closely you'll see a cute cityscape scene.

Below: Havana Sweatercoat

Besides the Anthropologie, where else should I be hunting for a new colourful sweater coat?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Currently Coveting

I'm sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, with most of my chores done. I've got a nice beef bourguignon going in the slow cooker. I was sorely disappointed that I didn't get out to see this horse yesterday as planned. For those of you that don't know, I haven't been riding actively the past 3 months (hence the lack of horsey photos lately) because Miss Fancy was sold. I was sad to see her go but it was imminent. On the bright side, I have started to slowly look for another horse and I am finally looking at something this week. I can't wait! Pics to come.

I've put together some things I'm obsessed with lately. I'd love to get my hands on the Knockout Matte nailpolishes (shown in highest picture, in Concrete and Pool). I've never been much of a hand polish wearer because of the horses, but for some reason, I think the matte finish might hold up better.

I'm also loving the leather Michael Kors gloves with the zippers, and this tweed dress from Shop Cuffs.

I'm seeing more girls sporting the Aigle rubber riding boots as an alternative to the Hunters wellies, and I think they are super cute. For town only though, as I would never give up real leather riding boots in the ring!

Hope you're all having a relaxing weekend. What did everyone get up to?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Good Dilemma

Is a dilemma ever a good thing?
In this case, it might be a very good thing. All my life I've wanted a Chanel handbag. And now it's within my grasp.

But what do I go for? The classic quilted handbag with chain strap?

The oversized and practical tote?

Or the updated electric version of a classic?

I don't think I can go wrong, but your thoughts are welcome.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I've Been Ghosting

Some snaps from my night out on Halloween. I ended up going to a haunted house event at the local amusement park fair and had fun screaming my head off.
Above: Teresa of Senses and Style, zombie, and friend. It was very cold so the ladies kept their coats on which effectively covered their costumes (naughty school girl and hot cop).
Above: Glittery lights from the Ferris Wheel and Pirate Ship rides.

I ended up going as a pirate wench but to my dismay, the mini pirate skull hat did not stay put on my head. The good thing about this getup is it can double as a vampire costume next year. Or just whenever I feel like it.