Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Can Live Beside the Ocean


We can live beside the ocean
Leave the fire behind
Swim out past the breakers
Watch the world die

I'm off to Tofino for a week to chill and take in all the good things in life. I should have some photo updates in between surf sessions and BBQs.

Above: not Tofino but my fave spot in the world to surf and for beach holidays - Kauai.

Later skaters.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Morning

We were up at 5:30am this morning to catch a ferry to Victoria (on Vancouver Island, about a 2 hour ferry ride) to attend my baby nephew's baptism. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I really wanted to get some pictures of my two beautiful nephews and their mummy, my dear friend and sister-in-law, but hubby and I had to rush back to Vancouver for a meeting.

This outfit is partly inspired by a style icon I've admired since high school: Gwen Stefani. I was a bit of a Gwennabe during the Tragic Kingdom days. I had a pink version of the Spiderwebs plaid hip huggers and a cut-off beater. I remember seeing No Doubt play MuchMusic and Gwen had a vintage shrunken black cardigan that said Anaheim on the back (video here), and I asked my Gran to knit me an identical one, except I had a ZERO patch on the back instead (dedicated for my other fave band at the time). I still have that cardi and love it.
My leopard cardigan reminds me of Gwen in the Sunday Morning video, with her sassy leopard skirt. The classic cutting of my grey dress is very much Gwen's Hollywood glam style in her later days, once the bhindis and DIY pants grew old. I'm just missing her trademark red lipstick, which I'm afraid, I can't quite pull off.
Grey shift dress, Teenflo
Leopard cardigan, from Hong Kong
Black cork wedges, Donna Karan
Blue and cream wayfarers, RayBan

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Little Sweet Things of Life

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.

I love that phrase, and right now I feel more inspired than ever to make positive changes in my life. My mood is pensive, and I've been doing a lot of inward searching. And I think I'm well on my way to some answers. I've been inspired by friends, many of which are going on to follow their hearts and dreams. I'm also inspired by a recent book that I've been reading, a true story about a climber-turned-school-builder in Pakistan.

This post about happiness, from one of my fave blogs, Vancity Allie, made me think about the little things in life that I treasure (in no particular order):

-sipping a cup of steaming tea, staring out the window.
-yoga, deep breathing, finding stillness.
-puttering around my garden amongst the flowers and herbs. Sniffing fresh cut flowers.
-sipping really lovely wine in the company of fine friends.
-weekend strolls with hubby.
-lounging around in bed on a late Sunday morning, listening to rain.
-being with my horse, whether it's galloping on a beach, flying over jumps, grass walks.
- traveling the world with my best friend (hubby), getting lost, getting found, laughing and crying.
-riding smooth waves
-anything chocolate
-whizzing around on my bicycle

Speaking of inspiration, the below is a list of wonderful blogs and I'd like to share the love and pass on this blog award, which I received from Haute World.

The Stylish Wanderer - beautiful, sweet photos
the Clothist - gorgeous, sexy street style
Noshwell - Written by a couple of peeps that I respect so much. I'm very lucky to have such witty, kick-ass friends. Also makes me hungry.
VancityAllie - covers all the things I love like travel, surfing, Canucks, and gourmet food in an earnest, genuine style.
Olsens Anonymous - best place to get my Olsen twins fix.

PS - I drafted this post last night before the news today about Michael Jackson. RIP - and another reminder to live life to the fullest potential day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2010

Ever since I saw a very haute hippie pair of Birkenstocks designed by 3.1 Phillip Lim for Tatami, I've watched this designer with interest. After all, this is a man that made me want to shell out over $150 for birks - a brand of footwear that made me shudder. Now comes his very wearable and New York-chic Resort line, and I am enamored all over again. I adore the lace work on the little white dress and mini skirt - romantic but not too frilly to be sexy. The high waisted, rolled-up shorts and jacket combos are smart and modern. There were some misses, namely patchwork denim, and a light denim jumpsuit (even though I normally love jumpsuits). However, most of it is highly wearable. I love how Lim brings back old-fashioned, feminine touches, like lace and polka dots, and makes them so chic and new. The look is pretty, but distinctively urban.

All images from Style.com

I Dance and Twirl

I feel happy and girlish when I see Fernanda Cohen's beautiful illustrations. I love how she captures a joyful sense of movement, and how the soft swirls of colour which make her work appear so playful.

I'm reminded that I need to have fun and SMILE - things have been so hectic and a bit stressful and I forget sometimes. I do have only a week more before I go and unwind in Tofino for a few days: time for some self-reflection and focus. Hoping to catch a few waves in between and enjoy a few BBs at our beach side cottage. I really need this time for myself.

All images courtesy of Fernanda Cohen at http://www.fernandacohen.com/

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day With Love

I'm putting this post up now as it is actually Father's Day already in Hong Kong, where my awesome Daddy is. He's enjoying a round of golf with my mom, and I called him earlier to wish him a Happy Father's Day. My dad is one of the most amazing individuals I know - kind, intelligent, and light-hearted. I absolutely adore him.

There's nothing as important to a daughter than the love, guidance and support of her father, so to all those wonderful Daddies out there, I hope you have a very special day.

For those hip, young daddies, this site is for you. Squidfire has deliciously unique designs on screen printed tees. I love ordering tees for hubby from here. They are quirky, cheeky, and totally original.

I have the girl version of the stag tee below. Bicycle tee is perfect for hubby.

T-shirt imagery from Squidfire.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Studded Treat

I picked up a studded black miniskirt by LaRok as part of my ShopBop indulge a few weeks ago. As with many of my purchases, I didn't intend on buying a black miniskirt. It just happened that this was such a killer deal, and such a wardrobe staple that I had to grab it. I've paired it here as a daytime look, but this skirt can easily take you into the wee hours of the night.

What are your wardrobe indulges and must-haves? What are some items, if on sale, you just can't resist?
Bow-tie Blouse, Kensie
Black Studded Miniskirt, LaRok
White Leather Handbag, Rabeanco
White Leather Slingbacks, from Hong Kong
Gold Bangles, custom made from Hong Kong
Watch, Casio Baby G-Shock

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 Gets Glam

Bring out the caviar and champagne, cause that's what I would like to be enjoying while lounging in Marc Jacob's resort collection for 2010. Some are calling this Old Hollywood glamour, but I see French Riviera glitz.

The mild florals, brightly coloured silk shorts and pants, and flowy shapes created an alluring sexiness that was both glamorous and effortless. I can see a day on the yacht in the striped shirt and cropped pants, and just as easily as the warm orange and reds of the sunset change into hues of purples and blues, I would slip into a pair of high-waisted silk shorts and a kimono-sleeved blouse for an evening soiree.

Asian-inspired, or chinoiserie, can be tacky but masterful Marc easily works in this eastern influence with modern charm.

How about brightening up a cool summer evening with this pumpkin coloured patent trench?

The strappy platform shoes were fun and girly - if there's one item I could have from this collection, the shoes would be it.

There were some edgier pieces that would fit nicely in any stylish metropolis, like New York, Tokyo, or Barcelona, just in case you weren't staying in the Hamptons this summer.

(all pictures from Style.com)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update - Artist Revealed

Many of you have asked about my painting that was featured in my micro dress post. I fell in love with that piece when I saw it. Titled "Funktionslust", it makes me feel lighthearted, free, and happy. The artist behind the abstract work is Laura Skuse, from Deep Cove in Vancouver. Her studio is open by appointment.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2010

Quirky, pretty, and preppy was the cheery outlook from Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 Resort collection. Continuing his 80's vibe, the resort line was inspired by the movie Footloose. Colourful prints and preppy patterns cut in a modern way provided a contemporary twist amidst the nostalgia. As usual, the accessories had plenty of pop and there were some fun wedge heels and colourful bags to perk things up. Although accents like bows and hearts sweetened it up, there was still a definite youthful rebellion so true to the line.

A review of the main line's resort collection for 2010 to come.

(all pictures from Style.com)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Lover, My Maker, My Breaker

All dressed up and ready to class it up with hubby at our friend's beachside cottage for a BBQ, but then hubby asked me if I really wanted to meet a bunch of new people (it was a "meet my new girlfriend/her friends-meet-his-friends kinda thing) in that dress. What can I say? Body-con is back, and I thought my bf blazer and patent oxfords were all business.

So I changed and wore my tiered grey skirt instead.

Will have save this hot pink tighty for another nitey.


Boyfriend Blazer, from Hong Kong
Hot Pink and GreyBody Con Dress, Urban Outfitters
Black Patent Oxford Pumps, Michael Kors
Green Patent Messenger Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Gold bangles, custom made from Hong Kong

Totally unrelated - the subject line is from a song (Miles) by Mother Mother, whose catchy tunes I can't stop listening to.

My lover, my maker, my breaker
Take me by the hand
We could go walking for miles
Once we reach the sand

Monday, June 8, 2009

Along a brambly road, going nowhere in particular

Found some gorgeous, classic style bicycles that I desperately want to save up for. I still haven't bought a fixie yet, although hubby has ordered one. The first three pics are from Pashley Cycles, an 80 year old company based out of Stratford-upon-Avon where the bikes are still made.

The below two are handcrafted in Italy by ABICI, and models are provided in the purest form with no excess accessories or wires. I love the simple clean lines, and just how functional they are.

Hope tomorrow's going to be a sunny day, as I've got a bike ride date with hubby.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nearly Nude

They've arrived - my Elizabeth and James strappy pumps. They came, along with the other goodies in my Shopbop shipment. This is my first Elizabeth and James purchase, and I was nervous that the shoes wouldn't fit. The colour was described as "bone" but I find they are more like a nude beige. I absolutely love them!! They must be the highest heels that I own, as they make my other stilettos feel like ballet flats. My Marc by Marc Jacobs cashmere cardi also arrived, and at $139 (discounted from $300 plus), it was a steal.
The box from the shoes was gorgeous...I love the ink blot design and the black ribbon tab.


Sky blue tie-die raceback tank, Urban Outfitters
Tallula white beater tank, Aritzia
Turquoise trim cashmere cardigan, Marc by Marc Jacbos
Leopard high-waisted bubble skirt, Urban Outfitters
Nude strappy pumps, Elizabeth and James
Chunky beaded necklace, from street market in Hong Kong
Star necklace, Aritzia, cira early 90's
Grey Watch, Casio Baby G Shock