Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'll be your girl....

...your Style Spy Girl of the Week, that is. Thanks to Nicole, whose blog I adore from Le Mode Du Jour, for asking me. They chose my clashing floral pattern outfit I posted from Hong Kong. You can check out the full Q+A article here, which talk about my style inspirations and pet peeves.

I'll also be the Canucks Girl of the Week any day. I've decided that wearing my jersey on game day is a curse as they've lost a few times when I've worn it. So I've come up with a more creative way to support our boys for tonight's game. A game day jersey outfit post! Thanks to my friend Melissa, the #1 Trevor Linden Fan, for taking these pics.
To glam it up, I couldn't resist these chained shoebooties. Just got a nude pedi too for spring.
One more thing: Happy Friday!! What are you lovelies doing for the weekend? I'll be watching the game tonight, doing some cycling, and some house and travel planning stuff.

Boys vintage Canucks jersey circa early 90's
Destroyed denim shorts, Ambient
Lace stirrup leggings, Hong Kong
Chained shoebooties, Belle
1960's vintage Submariner Rolex with Nato band, stolen from hubby

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hump Day Hunks: Sweet 16 Edition

It was Spring 1994. Vancouver Canucks magic was in the air as our team headed for the Stanley Cup playoffs final. Our team had done the impossible, playing the underdog and beating out all other teams in the Western Conference. I remember being at the series clinching Game 5 that put us into the finals - oh how sweet it was. And there was none sweeter than #16, captain of the Canucks, Trevor Linden.
I owe this Hump Day Hunks Sweet 16 edition to my good friend Melissa. I promised to do it for Trevor's birthday (a couple of weeks ago) but I was away so didn't get to it. She is his biggest fan. EVER. She still sleeps in a Linden night shirt, even after all these years. Even as his boyish cute looks have been chiseled away to a bearded, rugged handsomeness. He came to this city a boy, and we watched him grow into a man.
We used to see Trevor and current Canucks captain Roberto Luongo nearly every week at a sandwich shop the last year of Trevor's career. They would often say hello, smile at us, or say goodbye. One time I almost collided right into him with my pile of forks, straws, and napkins. I'm sure I would have been knocked down and out of breath, and I just about died of embarrassment.
Trevor's come a long way since donning this Canadian tuxedo. From the times I've seen him in person, I can say he's one of the best dressed Canucks. Slim cut cardigans and sweaters, dress shirts, or designer track jackets. His jeans fit him really nicely too =D.
So, as the Canucks play tonight against the LA Kings in a pivotal game, let us find inspiration from our Hump Day Hunk. Trevor's given us his heart and soul and let's hope the current Canucks can also find that in themselves tonight. GO CANUCKS GO!!!

ps - can you believe what a baby Henrik Sedin looks like here?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Like a Sunset

It's my last day in Hong Kong. The weather finally let up so I was able to sneak in a few photies of my finds. I've been very focused on ticking off the items I wanted off the Hit Lists - and then some =D.
Style wise, this trip has been inspiring. The people here really know how to dress and seamlessly blend the latest trends into something wearable. It's definitely going to push my personal sartorial boundaries. Some of my past fears, like harem pants, crazy prints, and bright colours, have been conquered.
I'm sad to leave but there's also so much to look forward to. The Canucks are starting the first round of the playoffs against the LA Kings, and I've got a surf weekend break soon. I can't wait to try out my new board!
And leaving Asia behind, I've got Europe to look ahead to. Official planning starts when I get home! Any advice please on shopping, eating, staying in Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam is appreciated.
Blue floral baby doll tank, gift from mom
Abstract circle print zipper skirt, from Hong Kong
White textured rose pin cardigan, stolen from mom
Gucci handbag, circa mid 90's, stolen from mom
Platform strappy heels, Belle
Round "wood" shades, custom made
Coral with yellow and white diamonds ring, custom, remade vintage gift

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thoroughly Bred

I took some quick snaps yesterday before I headed out to watch horse racing at the Happy Valley Racetrack in Hong Kong. I forgot to show you my new mini purse, tiny like the one I posted about before. I found this Japanese label called Ambient, and I've been stocking up on some not-some-basic basics. *Warning* long post!
Like this pair of paneled, stretchy riding pants. And these cuffed platform Elizabeth and James-ish booties. Both by Ambient.
For such a simple outfit, normally I would play up the accessories. Since I'm away, I didn't bring much. I did spice things up with my custom made, perfectly round shades (kinda like these Lanvin sunnies that I coveted). If you look closely, the frame looks as though it was made from dark grained wood. My lovely friends at Fox Optical were kind enough to create this one-of-a-kind piece for me.
There's also a lovely story behind my new coral with yellow and white diamonds ring, from my mother. I'll have to save that for another post.
Now, on to the horse racing. We had the corporate box through my dad, and we enjoyed a full dinner buffet. Some of the dishes included tandoori salmon, curry lamb, roast pork loin, and coconut prawns. It was delicious.
We were taken down to the concourse level for one of the races. We got to watch the horses warm up; it was awesome to see them so up close. Then, we watched the race right next to the track at the finish line. As the horses thundered towards the finish line, the level of excitement from the crowd was deafening. I couldn't get any pictures of the horses as they were going so fast. All I know is I would give just about anything to have a go around the track full steam on a thoroughbred. I'll just have to imagine that the next time I ride around the track at Southlands.

We came home with our tummies full and pockets empty since none of us won on our bets. I took some videos of the race and warm-up below. Please excuse the crappy music - I don't have any music here with me.

Deconstructed grey tee, from Hong Kong
Stretchy skinny riding pants and cuffed boots, Ambient
Vest, mom's
Round black sunnies, custom creation using Mitsu Cairo frames

Saturday, April 3, 2010

HK Hist List 3: One Leg at a Time

Hi loves!! I've arrived in Hong Kong so wanted to squeeze in a quickie before heading out. The weather here is crappy but I'm hoping it turns around soon because I'm taking a riding lesson tomorrow at the Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre! I'm sooo pumped - it's one of the few private barns on Hong Kong (most of the others are run by the Jockey Club) and it's supposed to be fancy. My niece is just starting to ride so we'll be heading out together. I also hit up a few stores yesterday - including Burberry (badly wanted one of the trenches from Spring 2010 but no small sizes left), agnes b (sorry I'm missing the accent aigu) and Anna Sui.

Hit List 3 comes a little late since I already started checking it off the list within my 24 hours of arriving. Because I'm short, I have a hard time finding great fitting pants. Now that I'm back amongst a population where everyone else is my size, I need to shop for pants!

I'm loving anything that's tapered and slightly baggier around the waist. Khaki pants haven't been on my list for a while but it's back big time this spring with military/safari inspired looks. And a grey pair of tapered pants will go with just about anything in my closet.

Below: Elie Tahari khaki pants and Kimchi Blue grey trousers from Urban Outfitters

On the casual side, I'm keeping my eyes open for slouchy, cropped sweats.

Below: T by Alexander Wang grey sweats and Elizabeth and James City Slicker pants

I love to maximize mileage with clothes that go from weekday to weekend. With the right tops and accessories, I can dress these twill cargos and skinny leggings up or down.

Below: Juicy Couture twill cargo pants and Urban Outfitters black leggings.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Heading out now for some old school dim sum.