Saturday, May 30, 2009

All Stacked Up

My wedding bands was originally made as a stacked set of four: two rings etched in yellow gold and two softly hammered in white gold. We only could afford two at the time, plus four seemed excessive so we only got two (1 etched, 1 hammered). I really love my bands, and I continue to lust after stacked sets of softly hammered gold rings.

Like the above (left) set of seven by Gorjana. I just love the rose coloured gold - so girly! I really, really want this set. Badly.

I've also discovered beautiful, organic looking jewelry by Jacquie Aiche, via Shopbop. I had a really tacky looking snake ring when I was in Grade 7, and it seems snakes are making a strong comeback with designers like Elizabeth and James incorporating the serpent in their jewelry. I love Jacquie Aiche's dainty and feminine interpretation. Aiche's Waif Small Bezel ring, also shown below, would look great stacked or on its own.

Below: Jacquie Aiche's Beaded Waif Ring (left) and Moonstone Candy Ring (right)

If I'm feeling a bit less girly, I might pick up the below two.
Below: Jacquie Aiche's Geode Ring (left); Made Her Think Birds of a Feather Ring (right)

Turkish Delight

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days; it's been a very hectic week at the agency with several campaigns near launch time. I slowed down today to take time out for myself. Lovely horse ride in the morning with Fancy and then I indulged at a Turkish style spa this afternoon. I'm now as relaxed as butter after being steamed, scrubbed and rubbed.

I can only imagine what such a bath house in Turkey would be like. I have never been to Turkey but I would love to go and stay at a beautiful place like the Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion, a restored 200-year old mansion with an original hammam (Turkish steam bath). Heavenly!

I love the vibrant and warm colours.

The turquoise water looks so inviting.

I could easily sip tea and curl up with a book here after a long day of ancient ruins exploration or hunting in the local market for exotic trinkets.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ribbons and Cupcakes

I wore this little babydoll dress to a baby shower (polka-dotted gift box in hand). The multi-coloured prezzie print is very cute - it reminds me of little girls' birthday parties. Someone always cried, and more often than not, it's the birthday girl. I know I did at least once, because my mom bought me an ice-cream cake and she kept it in the fridge rather than in the freezer. It turned into a chocolatey sweating mess.
There were lots of good memories too, of course. I loved how my parents would turn the large living room into an impromptu stage for ballet by pushing all the furniture to the edge of the walls. All of the little girls would perform, in small groups, and the birthday girl (me) would dance solo. We all felt like stars.
Betsey Johnson leather bag
Irregularly shaped custom pearl necklace (used to belong to mom)
24K golden key necklace (gift from mom at 5 years old)
Prezzie dress, from Hong Kong (no name)
Gladiator sandals, from Hong Kong

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Your Move

A simple but chic outfit by one of the most original stylists I know. She will remain anonymous but those who know, her signature piece will give her away. It's an iconic piece, the Vivienne Westwood Orb necklace, and it's worn so well here with a long white tee, drapey mens vest, and skinnies. Those chucks just ratchet up the street cred.
The outfit on its own is killer, but I am totally in love with all the silver accessories.
What's your signature move?

Britannia by the Park

Last weekend, I went to the British Classic Auto and Motorbike Show held annually at Van Dusen Garden. It was a lovely warm spring day, and the scene was a eclectic mix of motoring enthusiasts, some in their full motorcycle gear from their morning ride in, and others in classic vintage autosport attire. Lots of leather jackets, boots, and chaps were spotted, and as an equestrian, you know I have a thing for leather. There's something very posh-country about it, and there were more than a few smartly dressed older gentlemen and ladies who were still rockin' it style-wise. Very inspiring.

Like Gilbert, my father-in-law's good friend, also a member of the British Motorbike Club.
British racing green looks soo good with this bike. I can't wait to buy a helmet and goggle like that for my hubby when he finishes rebuilding his classic bike.
This charming lady sported a vintage hand-made dress and hat. She arrived in her Mini, of course, and donned proper white lace gloves.
I couldn't get over her amazing hat of feathers and flowers.
Love these pins!
Motorcycle boots and mini chaps.
I loved all the iconic emblems on all the classic cars.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

As if! The 90's are back

You knew this was coming right? The "new" style crop tops (bra tops, Wang or Schouler style) making their way down various RTW runways (maybe it can work with high waisted pants, maybe?), the grungy flannel shirts and ripped jean shorts (Kate Moss never grew out of them and neither did I), and denim everything. All of these were ominous signs that the days of Fresh Prince, C+C Music Factory, and Hammertime are back. Yes, we're talking early 90's.

House of Holland led the way with their Spring 2009 RTW line, which was filled with black and white polka-dots and loud florals that hit the catwalks of every high school in America, Beverly Hills or not. And now WhoWhatWear has done this fabulous shoot paying homage to our favourite teens from that glamorous zipcode, 90210. When I first saw the above group shot, I actually thought for a second that was the real Brenda Walsh!


I love the way they have interpreted the 90's, and I wish i still have those black Doc Marten boots that I lived in to pair with my new old school Nirvana tee.

Still don't believe me? L.A Gear is back (the intro video on their site is KILLER). Together with Sportie LA, they have relaunched the colourful line of high tops available exclusively through Sportie LA. I want this pair!

For a giggle, check out this list of The Worst 90's Trends - I was guilty on 4/5 accounts.

What were your fave and most regretted fashion trends of the 90's? I am still diggin ripped denim, babydolls, and floral dresses with vests. BUM Equipment, Blossom hats, and baby backpacks must be amongst my worst crimes.

Now, gotta download me some Straight Up.

Lil Miss Fancy

My friends Sarah and Shanah put together this video of me jumping Miss Fancy at the riding club. Special thanks to Shanah's man Pete for the editing and awesome music. The second Rodeo jump was my first 2'9 - Yippee! Fancy just loves jumping and we had so much fun in this lesson.

More riding fun this weekend as Melissa is coming to Southlands again to watch me jump Fancy. Hopefully more pics and vids to come.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm the Hunter

After joining, I've discovered another great street style blog called Face Hunter that features fashionably beautiful people from around the world. Their latest mini-Euro tour featured Stockholm, Berlin, Budapest and London. I love the eclectic looks, and how quirky and fun the photography is. Another inspiration!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekday Bleu et Lookbook New

I caught up on some photos tonight and this is a shoot my friend Melissa did with me last week. She made me laugh so many times during this (asking me to envision my crush as I unbuttoned my artist smock - whom by the way I actually met in person last week at a local pizza shop by accident - that's another story).

I'm also happy to announce I have been accepted to join - you can look for me here. I haven't put up many outfits yet as I have just joined this invite-only community, but please come by and HYPE me so I can start garnering some karma. I am greatly thankful for any support! Lookbook has been such a wonderful inspiration and a reason why I started this blog.


Artist Smock by Except Life, from Hong Kong
Blue and White Striped Shirtdress, from Shanghai
Black Tie leggings, stolen from mom
Chain bracelet watch, Gucci
Metallic Ballet Flats, from Simply Sublime
Horse necklace, gift from my dear cousin
Wayfarers, by Rayban

Chestnuts Have All the Fun

I'm having a fab Victoria Day long weekend so far, and yesterday my hubby came out to Southlands to watch me ride Miss Fancy and take some snaps. We hit the Van Dusen Garden Classic British Motorbike and Car show right after my riding lesson, so we did do some boy stuff in our day. Pics and review of the car show to come.
As for Fancy and I, we've been schooling jumps 2'9 - 3' - I was so excited when I did my first one! There's a 2 and 3/4 Phase eventing show coming up at the club, and I'm thinking about competing in it. Miss Fancy and I have been doing some x-country stuff and she just loves it.
I also went out to the Dog and Pony Shop last weekend and picked up some fancy new breeches by Trainer's Choice. I love them! I pulled out an old Polo by Ralph Lauren shirt and found a vintage belt that used to belong to my mom. My coach said I looked really dapper.



Riding outfit:
Polo by Ralph Lauren
Side zip olive breeches by Trainer's Choice
Tall field boots by Ariat
Studded brown oversized bag by Betsey Johnson
Vintage Belt
Riding helmet by Charles Owen
Wayfarers by Rayban

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great Grapes in the Okanagan

The May long weekend beckons, and I'm thinking what a great time to take a grape roadtrip. By that, I mean a lovely wine tour in the Naramata Bench region near Penticton, BC. I'm a bit of a wino, having wine toured twice in South Africa, New Zealand, and Napa Valley. My friend Maxine was recently in Naramata, and she brought back a couple of bottles from one of my favourite wineries, Therapy Vineyards. It reminded me of a trip Rob and I took to the Naramata a few years ago. We still regularly order from the wineries we visited, as well as those from Oliver and Osoyoos. Many are home-grown operations with limited yields, so we make sure we are on their mailing list. Most of the good stuff never makes it to the liquor stores. We feel the wine tastes that much better when you've been to the place of origin, and you have a feel for the winery, the winemakers, and the history.

The region is beautiful wine country, complete with gentle hills, farmsteads, and fruit orchards. Naramata has developed into a gourmet foodie destination, and I highly recommend staying there versus Kelowna. I'm not a big fan of the large scale wineries anyhow, and I find the people and stories behind the smaller places so much more intriguing.

I've put together my Great Grapes List below, which outlines my favourite wineries in Naramata Bench, as well as some of the neigbouring Oliver and Osoyoos. Don't forget to pack a picnic basket so you can enjoy your finds with some bread and cheese.

Lake Breeze: Located on a beautiful viewpoint over Okanagan Lake, I love this winery for their fabulous whites like the Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Gewurztraminer. I even love their Seven Poplar Chardonnay - incredible considering how much I dislike America's favourite grape. Plus, their patio restaurant serves the best food in Bench.

Above: Lunch on the sun-drenched patio of Lake Breeze.

Therapy Vineyards: This plot of land formerly grew grapes for Red Rooster, and luckily for us, it's now Therapy Vineyards. Freudian Sip is a wonderful summer sipper, as lighthearted as the colourful label. With names like Super Ego and Pink Freud, I'll take this kind of Therapy anyday. Oh, and did I mention they have a luxurious guesthouse B&B too? Heaven.

Black Hills Estate Winery: Sleek and sophisticated, Black Hills in Oliver is well known for its Nota Bene Bordeaux style red that packs a bold punch AND it sold out in 47 minutes (I grabbed a half case for the 2nd year in a row). If you want the best of hand-crafted, small lot wine, this is the place to be. Didn't make the wine club list this year? Sign up or go on their private tour, which will guarantee exclusivity and an intimate setting.

Burrowing Owl: Possibly the only wine estate in the area that gave me an old-world feeling. The setting is breathtaking. There's something in that hot Oliver soil that keeps producing juicy big reds, and Burrowing Owl is no exception. Take your pic of Merlot, Cab Sauv or Meritage, they won't disappoint.

Above: Wine and Cheese at Burrowing Owl.

Poplar Grove: Not so much for their wines, but I'm here for their cheese. Double cream camembert, tiger blue (nice bite) and the creamy Naramata Bench blue. You can pick these up at better fromage places around town but isn't it more fun getting it there?

Laughing Stock: Created by former stock brokers looking for a greater passion, Laughing Stock is a clever little enterprise that happens to make great reds. Specifically, look for the Porfolio which has picked up its fair share of awards. The tasting room (a small but sleek room) is open by-appointment only, so call ahead.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Stealing You: Head to Toe

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of downing a few at the Kingston Taphouse with the well-heeled Patrick Conn of Room 907. Patrick is a connoisseur of all things dapper, from fashion to art and design to travel. He's recently come back from a stint in Shanghai, and is off to lovely Ireland by the fall. He's also got a dream internship this summer - at Vancouver's fab one-stop boutique Aritzia. While we chowed down on wings and nachos, and swore our socks off over the horrible officiating of the hockey game (elimination for my darling Vancouver Canucks - so sad!), he remained remarkably civilized looking at the end of the night. Always a gent, I present to you Head to Toe, PConn style.

Shirt: Brooks Brothers Country Club
Jacket: Ransom
Pants: Stussy Custom
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: To the Point Wingtips

Just realized I'm missing one vital piece of information - his outstanding blue-green woven belt. Will follow up with him ASAP!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Style Maven of the Week

This week, I caught up with our style maven of the week Kim to get the low-down classic, modern chic. Her one-of-a kind accessories make this outfit really pop.

What are you wearing?
Mostly Jcrew! Headband, scarf, ballet flats and cardigan.
AG jeans and David Yurman bracelet.

Style Gal of the Week

Describe your personal style.
A little preppy but casual.
Your favourite brands/designers?
DVF, Christine Celle for Calypso, J crew

u need a killer outfit for a hot date. Where do you go?

Your must-have wish list for Summer 09
Jewel encrusted sandals, white jeans, colorful tees


Trend you won't be caught dead sporting?
skinny leather pants!