Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day With Love

I'm putting this post up now as it is actually Father's Day already in Hong Kong, where my awesome Daddy is. He's enjoying a round of golf with my mom, and I called him earlier to wish him a Happy Father's Day. My dad is one of the most amazing individuals I know - kind, intelligent, and light-hearted. I absolutely adore him.

There's nothing as important to a daughter than the love, guidance and support of her father, so to all those wonderful Daddies out there, I hope you have a very special day.

For those hip, young daddies, this site is for you. Squidfire has deliciously unique designs on screen printed tees. I love ordering tees for hubby from here. They are quirky, cheeky, and totally original.

I have the girl version of the stag tee below. Bicycle tee is perfect for hubby.

T-shirt imagery from


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment - my brother could rock these :)

trisch xo

VancityAllie said...

Great post, your dad would love it :)

He sounds awesome!