Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Lover, My Maker, My Breaker

All dressed up and ready to class it up with hubby at our friend's beachside cottage for a BBQ, but then hubby asked me if I really wanted to meet a bunch of new people (it was a "meet my new girlfriend/her friends-meet-his-friends kinda thing) in that dress. What can I say? Body-con is back, and I thought my bf blazer and patent oxfords were all business.

So I changed and wore my tiered grey skirt instead.

Will have save this hot pink tighty for another nitey.


Boyfriend Blazer, from Hong Kong
Hot Pink and GreyBody Con Dress, Urban Outfitters
Black Patent Oxford Pumps, Michael Kors
Green Patent Messenger Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Gold bangles, custom made from Hong Kong

Totally unrelated - the subject line is from a song (Miles) by Mother Mother, whose catchy tunes I can't stop listening to.

My lover, my maker, my breaker
Take me by the hand
We could go walking for miles
Once we reach the sand


quelle said...

awesome dress. hope you get to wear it soon!
i'm also really loving those oxfords and the paintings on your wall!

melissa said...

if you were a bottle of hot sauce, they would have to put 10 peppers on it - that's how hot you look in those outfits:)

The Anthology said...

I'd totally introduce you to new people in that dress.


Livie said...

@quelle - thanks, paintings are by a Vancouver artist. I was eating at Coco et Olive and I really liked the art on the walls. Then it turns out the artist was there mounting some new pieces and we spoke. I ended buying these the next day.

@melissa - haha thanks.

@theanthology - =D

Sarah said...

What's the name of the artist, if you recall....? I've been looking for something along those lines for months now!! :)

Teresa said...

I want to see your closet..and let me guess...it's an envy-worthy walk-in closet

Tracy said...

Nice dress, Livie.