Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Morning

We were up at 5:30am this morning to catch a ferry to Victoria (on Vancouver Island, about a 2 hour ferry ride) to attend my baby nephew's baptism. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I really wanted to get some pictures of my two beautiful nephews and their mummy, my dear friend and sister-in-law, but hubby and I had to rush back to Vancouver for a meeting.

This outfit is partly inspired by a style icon I've admired since high school: Gwen Stefani. I was a bit of a Gwennabe during the Tragic Kingdom days. I had a pink version of the Spiderwebs plaid hip huggers and a cut-off beater. I remember seeing No Doubt play MuchMusic and Gwen had a vintage shrunken black cardigan that said Anaheim on the back (video here), and I asked my Gran to knit me an identical one, except I had a ZERO patch on the back instead (dedicated for my other fave band at the time). I still have that cardi and love it.
My leopard cardigan reminds me of Gwen in the Sunday Morning video, with her sassy leopard skirt. The classic cutting of my grey dress is very much Gwen's Hollywood glam style in her later days, once the bhindis and DIY pants grew old. I'm just missing her trademark red lipstick, which I'm afraid, I can't quite pull off.
Grey shift dress, Teenflo
Leopard cardigan, from Hong Kong
Black cork wedges, Donna Karan
Blue and cream wayfarers, RayBan


quelle said...

gorgeous! i love, love, love the dress.
can't wait for the no doubt concert in few weeks!

ps - please share a photo of your cardigan soon!

Annie said...

great cardigan! I have a leopard print cardigan that I love, I wear it to death - and I can totally see the Gwen Stefani influence!

The Haute-Shopper said...

I love the combination of the dress with the leopard cardi. I too was a bit of a Gwennababe at one point. I remember being in LA visiting my cousin and he handed me Tragic Kingdom and told me No Doubt would be really big soon. Love the shoes as well!

Anonymous said...

i really love the cardigan. it makes the dress more fun. and i love the sunglasses. i'm sort of into no doubt because i think she was better with them than on her own.

La Couturier said...

Just to clear it up, I had written "The {faux} New Yorker as a guest post on The Anthology (:

Lovely outfit! Loving the dress!

La C.

Livie said...

@quelle - yes i"ll have to do a pic of my black ZERO cardigan =D

@Annie - thx - i never thought i'd be into leopard but it's so versatile

@Haute-Shopper - do you like Gwen in her old Tragic Kingdom days or the glam LAMB Gwen?

@MissRed - yes i like ND better too

@LaCouturier - yes loved your article - i actually work with Kels @TheAnthology so I knew she was getting some wonderful guest bloggers. thx for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Nice attire put together!

VancityAllie said...

You are definitely looking VERY fabulous for a ferry ride! Love how fashionable you are all the time.

The dress is really, really gorgeous.

If I ever go to Hong Kong will you pls pls pls tell me where to shop??? :) :) :)