Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Little Sweet Things of Life

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.

I love that phrase, and right now I feel more inspired than ever to make positive changes in my life. My mood is pensive, and I've been doing a lot of inward searching. And I think I'm well on my way to some answers. I've been inspired by friends, many of which are going on to follow their hearts and dreams. I'm also inspired by a recent book that I've been reading, a true story about a climber-turned-school-builder in Pakistan.

This post about happiness, from one of my fave blogs, Vancity Allie, made me think about the little things in life that I treasure (in no particular order):

-sipping a cup of steaming tea, staring out the window.
-yoga, deep breathing, finding stillness.
-puttering around my garden amongst the flowers and herbs. Sniffing fresh cut flowers.
-sipping really lovely wine in the company of fine friends.
-weekend strolls with hubby.
-lounging around in bed on a late Sunday morning, listening to rain.
-being with my horse, whether it's galloping on a beach, flying over jumps, grass walks.
- traveling the world with my best friend (hubby), getting lost, getting found, laughing and crying.
-riding smooth waves
-anything chocolate
-whizzing around on my bicycle

Speaking of inspiration, the below is a list of wonderful blogs and I'd like to share the love and pass on this blog award, which I received from Haute World.

The Stylish Wanderer - beautiful, sweet photos
the Clothist - gorgeous, sexy street style
Noshwell - Written by a couple of peeps that I respect so much. I'm very lucky to have such witty, kick-ass friends. Also makes me hungry.
VancityAllie - covers all the things I love like travel, surfing, Canucks, and gourmet food in an earnest, genuine style.
Olsens Anonymous - best place to get my Olsen twins fix.

PS - I drafted this post last night before the news today about Michael Jackson. RIP - and another reminder to live life to the fullest potential day.


VancityAllie said...

Beautiful post! I love how you talk about the little things in life.

Thanks for the link too!

And yes, chocolate can indeed make the world seem like a very beautiful and wonderful places, doesn't it? ;)

You must really get a sense of freedom from riding your horse. Personally that terrifies me and I am envious of your courage but I can only imagine that it must be exhilarating and freeing all at the same time!

Kelsey said...

Can I combine two of yours (travel and riding waves) and add swimming in new seas? As I was bobbing around in the Mediterranean this afternoon ;) I was thinking how happy it makes me.

(Laughed so hard at your comment about the difficulties of reading a map whem you have no sense of direction, by the way.)

MizzJ said...

Congrats on the award! You've put together such a great list of things to remember when feeling down. I should really make one myself so that I never forget the little things :)

Livie said...

@VancityAllie - you're welcome - you know I love your blog. And yes, riding is exhilarating, like surfing =D.

@Kelsey - ooooh that sounds so good. I just love swimming in the ocean. the salt water feels so nice.

@MizzJ -thx doll!

noshwell said...

thx for the link livie. and a timely post with some good (ahem) food for thought.