Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Dance and Twirl

I feel happy and girlish when I see Fernanda Cohen's beautiful illustrations. I love how she captures a joyful sense of movement, and how the soft swirls of colour which make her work appear so playful.

I'm reminded that I need to have fun and SMILE - things have been so hectic and a bit stressful and I forget sometimes. I do have only a week more before I go and unwind in Tofino for a few days: time for some self-reflection and focus. Hoping to catch a few waves in between and enjoy a few BBs at our beach side cottage. I really need this time for myself.

All images courtesy of Fernanda Cohen at http://www.fernandacohen.com/


VancityAllie said...

Those are beautiful! Really happy and bright.

By the way, I'll be in Tofino the same time as you, where are you staying?

I'll be at the Greenpoint campgrounds, but I've stayed in quite a few of the beachside cabins/houses there. Which one are you at?

We should hook up to catch a wave or two together!

Livie said...

@VancityAllie - sure thing - i'll Dm you on twitter where i'm staying and my #.