Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day Hunks - Hockey Edition

Men with sticks. Sweaty, grunting men with sticks. Enough said.
Today's Hump Day Hunks are brought to you by..YOU! The picks are all either handpicked as a special request by you or inspired by you.

Up first, especially for Raul of Hummingbird604 and one of my best friends Lizzie, is angry-cute American, Ryan Kesler, of the Canucks. This man broke a hockey stick over his thighs. I don't know about you, but that kind of hot-blooded passion is steamy.

Above: Ryan Kesler doing his pouty, angry thing
Below: A rare smile from #17 Ryan Kesler as he makes the U.S. Olympic Mens Hockey team
Below: Ryan Kesler getting some, ahem, medical attention.
For my dear friend Alix of Canucks Hockey Blog and Kat of Fat Girl Skinny, I give you Shane O'Brien of the Canucks. Or, as I like to call him, Shane O'Hottie. Boyish good looks and Irish bad-boy charm have Alix and Kat swooning.
And for my friend Niki over at A Haute Mess, there is the smouldering Kevin Bieksa of the Canucks. Poor Kevin is currently sidelined with an injury, so let's show him so love. shall we?
And just for good measure, a group shot of Kevin, blondie defenseman Alex Edler (who in his own right could have made this list), and Shane in their shorts and socks.
Lastly, this one's for @ConnieWChang, who has a love for the shot-blocking hero, Ryan Johnson.
I know i promised other NHL hockey hotties besides my home team Canucks but because there are so many of them, we'll have to just save that for another (rainy) day. Enjoy this one ladies, as the next edition will be in two weeks time.

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Teresa said...

Is it asking too much if Shane could pull off a Scottish accent?
And Bieska is looking all 'Ralph Lauren' in the suit

Erin said...

definitely not my cup of tea.

Livie said...

@teresa - i'm sure SOB could do it

@erin- don't worry your cup of tea will come =D

Connie said...

Mmmm, RJ. Shame you don't photograph so well. ;) Nevertheless, a Canucks photographer did a decent job:

The Haute-Shopper said...

I never really paid attention to hockey, but maybe I should. Though I think I prefer the surfers... ;-)

Loved seeing your holiday shots by the way! That house you rented looks divine! Looks like you had such a wonderful trip... can't wait to see more! I finally put up some of my shots as well, though they're nowhere near as relaxing as yours ;-)

kat said...

Mmm..... O'Brien :)

MizzJ said...

WOW I had no idea hockey players were so hot. I guess I've always felt a grudge against them since my HS was full of jerky hockey guys, but DAMN Kesler and Shane O'Brien is a bad-ass!!

Niki B. said...

yessss unreal! i love you so much for putting bieksa on there. and funny enough, the other day my boyfriends mom was talking about how cute she thought o'brien was, and i was being all non-chalant like "yeah he's ok". silly silly me. clearly i needed to see this post sooner. boy is a BABE.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for yet another selection of really nice looking guys ;-)

I'd like to give you an award for all those lovely stories and pics on your blog... If you're participating you'll find the award on my blog.

Cafe Fashionista said...

If Niki doesn't want Kevin, I'd glady take him. Just saying. :)

melissa said...

Where's MY cup of tea - Trevor Linden. He's better looking at a soon-to-be 40 than most of these boys. Although I do have to admit that Bieksa is not too bad - rawwwr;)

(always)alanna said...

ohhh i want some of thattt!
and gorgeouss blogg- will definitely be back visiting again SOON!

quelle said...

yay edler's my new favourite and he sneaked in! hehe (what can i say? i sharply tailored coat really wins this girl over.)