Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kauai Krush - Part 2

How do I love Kauai? In so many ways...
I love the delicious, locally-handmade ice cream from Lappert's. Look at that big smile on my face! Here I am enjoying their famous and most popular flavour, Kauai Pie (Kona coffee, macadamia nuts, shredded and lightly toasted coconut, and dark chocolate fudge). My fave flavour, though, is Heavenly Hana, which is chocolate ice cream with swirls of marshmallow ribbon, white chocolate covered macadamia nuts, dark chocolate covered almond chunks, chocolate bits, and roasted almonds. That's my kind of heaven.

With all the eating, hubby and I had to do some work to burn those calories off. And by work, I mean adventuring - by sea and by land. We went diving together for the first time. Our guides from Fathom Five were wonderful. Even though we were not certified, we did a shore dive of 40 feet and saw tons of fish and even a large sea turtle.

Below: At our shore dive at Koloa Landing, once the island's main landing dock.
We also made use of the awesome mountain bikes that came with our cottage and did some exploring around some unused sugarcane roads. They led us to a very deserted beach, called Gillin's beach after the fella who lived there. The area is comprised of three bays which make up the Mala'ulepu Beaches, famous for breathtaking scenery and the lithified sand cliffs that may be explored by foot, bike or horse.
Below: Getting there was half the fun.
While we were in the south, we drove up to the Waimea Canyon for some hiking and spectacular views. Called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, it did not disappoint. From this vista we peered down to the Kalalau Valley. Even from that distance we could see massive 30 foot waves pummeling the north shore. If you are familiar with Kauai, you'll know that the west and the north side of the island don't connect by road or anything other than by sea. It's because of this vast valley and the muddy swamps within. Attempts to build a road to circumvent the island have failed in the past, and thank goodness for that. Seeing the valley and the Na Pali coast from this side was especially special because two years ago when hubby and I were in Kauai for the first time, we did a fantastic hike through the Kalalau Trail (a highly difficult trail). It was cool to see it from a different vantage point.

Below: Feels like God is smiling down on Kauai
Below: A bird soars near the Kilauea Lighthouse, a sanctuary for birds
As our days in the south drew to an end, we began our drive up to the rugged north, and to one of my favourite places in the world. We stopped for a drink in the posh Princeville resort area, and ended up at the St. Regis Hotel lounge on their deck. The view was just perfect.
Below: My chi chi drink at the St. Regis.
Below: Ahi Tuna Poke with Avocado, Mango and Taro Chip.
As much as I loved the south, I was ready to head north for some surfing. I absolutely adore the north and it felt a bit like coming home. Up next, a review of a place so dear to my heart: the Kauai North Shore.

If you missed it, check out some more Kauai pics from this previous post, Hang Ten for 2010.


Teresa said...

You look cute eating the ice cream lol. The flavours sound amazing. That's such an ideal trip for me too....eating good food and being able to burn it off by discovering a place with some fun activities like the hiking and biking (unfortunately I can't scuba dive because can't swim). Kauai sounds like paradise for sure

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Heavenly hana - yay!

Thanks for sharing your Kauai trip. I've always wanted to go (went to many of the other islands in Hawaii) and Kauai seems so lovely and serene.

betz said...

oh my, how i envy your weather. these photos are breathtaking. you look absolutely gorgeous! and with that ice cream, yummazing!


Dream Sequins said...

Thank you for helping me experience some of your joy in Hawaii! It looks like a dream and you look so relaxed and lovely in all these shots. Love the one of you on the bike. Adorable! xx

kathygko said...

Wow! The pictures are amazing! I really want to go to Kauai now!

VancityAllie said...

Arghhhh... so jealous of your stay at the St. Regis... how swanky is that?!?!?!

P.S. I'm a bit annoyed I can't taste that ice cream. Right now.

sharonlei said...

Sweet pictures!! Kauai Pie ice cream is my fav from Lapperts!

You know I've live in Hawaii (Maui) for most of my life and Kauai is the only island I've haven't been too. Sad :( I've always wanted to go.. and I think you just inspired me to celebrate my upcoming wedding anniversary there!!

Take care.

xx Love & Aloha,

quelle said...

oh i wish i were there right now!! the ice cream, the biking trails, everything!! love.